Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Letter from home - 9/5

heyy there

so we had an interesting week, still in a big finding process. for a long time this area is where lazy missionaries have been sent to, and so we are working to help revive it and make it one of the most producing areas, so its gonna take a while for that to happen but we are trying to put a plan in place and the way to go is through the members i this ward because like i said before nobody is home during the day. we have lots of members dinners, and we have been following up on commitments left by the stake,  to invite someone to church, to give out a book of mormon and to baptize someone in a year, for each family in the ward and one family the christensins who have a 17 year old son who is really excited to go on his mission and he is a senior this year, he wants to go out on exchanges with us every Saturday night to do whatever whether its knocking or teaching. and then on Sunday he gave us 2 referrals who he got them both to come to seminary and they came haha then we also got an appointment set up with a real interested girl who is 16 and friends with a member, she comes to seminary every morning and she is getting her own quad. We are teaching her at a members home with our zone leaders law and caldwell. that was really the only exciting thing that’s happened work wise.  we are very happy and we do have a lot of optimism for this area and ward, its hard sometimes cause you’ll get so close to maybe having a solid investigator but then they never answer the phone or the door but we don’t dwell on that we have been working our buts off and doing all we can to improve the area.

we do run every morning only a mile and a half, on pdays there isn’t really much we can do around here, we have a small area and there isn’t much really to do. we don’t even have a goodwill in our area, that’s how small it is which stinks cause there is no where to find cheap cool ties, everything here is really rich and expensive.

There is no rule on videos we can take them and elder mcpeheters loves taking videos, elder winger was just stuck on his old mission rules still and couldn’t get over the not so strictness of our mission.

I actually haven’t gotten any letters from friends in ide say at least a month, the only ones who write me other then family are Cameron, aliese, and gaby (the girl i met at pvcc). What is kassie hutchings address isn’t she in Utah now maybe you could get both addresses for me, I think elder mcpheters knows a girl from Arizona that might be friends with kassie. 

I love how the dbacks are doing awesome, I knew they would do great this year, and I knew Ian Kennedy was sweet, how about the new pitcher they got at the end of last year who was lights out? 
Dang max hall was gonna be good, but Kevin kold sounds like he is awesome, is he working with the offense well ?
Any news on the coyotes?
I cant wait to here about how oswieler and burfict do against missouri

Well I got to go we are eating lunch now so, let me know how the week goes. I love the pictures

Love you guy’s im having a great time with everything and with elder mcpheters haha he’s awesome

Love Elder Harper

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