Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oh my gosh it is almost September!

Monday, August 27, 2012
Well hello everyone!!
So we had transfer calls on saturday and elder cranford we found out is leaving and also that he is getting called to be a district leader, I got released as the district leader which i wasn’t expecting but I guess they are having a younger missionary have his go at it and I can help him since i know how to do it so well. President gave me the assignment to help train elder cranford on taking the leader role as he was senior companion and then have me do the district leader duties, so it was cool to know that president has enough confidence and trust in me that he is having me train the younger elders in leadership, its been stressful but I’m excited to see who I get and they will be the district leader. So we had a great week we went up to see (L) and (F) and we took brother (W)’s grandson with us who is married and living with them his name is (B) and he is from hilton head which is where uncle john lives, anyway he went with us and was able to give them some tips on how to fix relationship issues which is the biggest thing they need to work on and they have come a long ways in a week. They aren’t yelling at each other anymore and don’t get as offended as easy, they are still working on the smoking and she still needs a different job but it’s gotten better slowly. I also went on an exchange in Florence with elder fisher and we had a great 2 days together he is a great missionary and is lots of fun to be around, also elder wilkinson is getting transferred. That’s pretty much all i can think of that’s happened this week. Today we are gonna go out to the swamp with chris (D) haha, I’m excited.

Man that is cool to here about dylan seeing tanner at pvcc! Is tanner going to pvcc too? Tell dylan I’m excited to be able to hang out with him like all day! everyday. I want to try and write him soon.
Tell dylan he needs to start getting in shape so that he can train with me so we can run st. george together.

Cousin eric probably met either elder heywood, or wilcock they are also from mesa and it most likely was elder wilcock he was in my district in aiken when he went home, i loved him so much he is awesome

Dad you can’t get bronchitis now you almost got the marathon comin up.

I'm sending a letter today that is for duncan, I have tried to send it like 4 times but it keeps sending it back to me so I didn’t put his name on it this time
I’m writing Joel today also.

Dad, I love that story about the pioneers taking of their shoes at the start, such a cool story about revelation from the early saints

Well I think that’s all i have this week, excited to see who my new companion will be and excited to have another great week and last 6 months .
Love you guys :)
Elder Harper

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Newer Pictures

Country roads of Marion SC

Elder Harper and Cranford picking Blueberries

Elder Cranford safe in the car away from the snake

Some very serious hamburgers!

A few fun pictures!

MTC roomates in Provo, April 2011
August 2012 Elders Ultra, Harper, Williams, Berenyi
Goodbye to Elder Law, Kelly's trainer, who is going home to Arizona
Our family with Elder Law at his homecoming talk in July 2012

Pictures earlier in the summer

Goodbye to Elder Stever and Aiken, SC
Our last pizza delivery for Elders Gonzalez, Cramer, Stever and Harper

Kel giving his message to Mr. Aiken before leaving Aiken SC
Snacking on Mexican Candy


Monday August 20, 2012

Monday August 20, 2012
Hey there everyone,
 This week has been good, i went on exchanges with elder Wilkinson in Florence on wednesday and thursday it was good to talk to him he is one of my favorite missionaries cause he just gets it, he knows how to treat others and always has the right words to say at the right time and they are always inspired, he is 22 so he graduated when I was a sophomore I believe which is weird cause he came out a month after me i wondered why he seemed so much older, anyway he is just awesome and he is on a lemon juice cleanser diet where he can’t eat anything or drink anything except lemon juice mixed with syrup and cayenne pepper powder haha he goes to the bathroom like crazy lol.  Transfer calls come on saturday. We are still teaching (L) and (F) they are still trying to work out their relationship problems, what’s worse is that since they don’t have any steady income they got their lights cut off so they are staying in a friends house even further away. They were supposed to come to church but she had to work late and didn’t get up till 30 minutes before church so that was a bummer.  (L) doesn’t know if he wants to get baptized but (F) wants to for sure. We also had our investigator (D) who is 13 also missed church which stinks cause she was gonna get baptized this saturday but it will have to be sep 1st instead.

The stuff on the yellow stick is a mexican candy elder stever and i got from a mexican tienda store which carries real authentic mexican stuff, its a gooey candy with pepper powder in it its pretty good.

the little boy (L) ( haha i dont know how to spell his name) anyway he is just the coolest kid ever he is 4 years old and sister (DR) in the branch who has been a member for a couple months does foster care and she had him for a little while but she had to give him back to his parents, that kid will get baptized one day and she will make sure of it.

We picked blueberries with the senior couple (the Bowmans) and bro weatherford ( the big guy) and his family. 

The guy holding the snake is an investigator named (A).

Man, why are the heggerman’s moving!!? Why is everybody I love moving away AHHHHH!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLI!!!, hope you have a great day, I’m excited to hear about you doing gymnastics just be careful not to break bones

I got a good letter from bro McCormick

Yea I have lost my extra chunk cause we never eat dinner here hardly cause our apartment is inconvenient and we only have like 2 member meals a week, plus elder cranford makes us pack a lunch everyday and I don’t get to eat much.

The dizziness is completely gone but I still have a little mucus in my chest but its pretty much gone

Hey tell dad to take glucosamine and also grant it would be good for his knees especially in football

Well that’s all I’ve got this week
Love Elder Harper :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We have not gotten pictures from him since May, so I have not added any. I found this picture on a Mission facebook page and so I added it. Kelly is 3rd from the right of Mission Presidents wife in red hair.

Miracle Week

Monday, August 13, 2012
AHHHHH! What’s up fam damily, loved your guys letter to me. Oh and by the way dad don’t send pics from your Iphone cause they don’t come up on the computers so if you could some how change the format before you send it that would be great.
 Well, this week has been awesome we have found lots of cool investigators and some we haven’t been able to get a hold of which stinks but we found who we weren’t expecting to find on Friday while we were walking in the rain knocking on doors in a trailer park. we knocked on the third trailer and this guy opened the door named (L) he said i don’t know how interested I would be but my girlfriend  might and she actually was walking up to the door all wet from the rain and she came up and said come in so we did and their names are (L) and  (F).  They aren’t married but are living together they have a 3 year old son (L) is 21 and (F) is 20 and both of them have had rough lives, (F) even started crying when she was telling us how she knows that god loves her. We taught them the whole restoration and they both loved everything, (F) is very in tune with the spirit you can tell. When we told her about Joseph Smith’s vision she said she totally believes that that could happen and they each said a prayer to know if everything was true. Unfortunately  they missed church yesterday but we went over for our appointment and they told us why they didn’t make it, but we taught them the plan of salvation and the word of wisdom and law of chastity and they threw away all their alcohol and everything and tore up their bags of tea and accepted to get married and baptized on September 1st AWESOME!!  So yea they are pretty sweet and we are bringing their stop smoking packet to them tomorrow.

I haven’t really gotten any letters from anyone since I have been here in Marion just one from Mariah

Where is Dylan going to college at, PVCC? have dylan talk to cameron  about going on a mission cause i haven’t heard anything from him.

You need to watch the movie Facing the Giants.  President Holm showed us the part from the movie called the death crawl, grant especially would like that, haha it pumped me up.

Dad, i bought some glucosamine a couple weeks ago and my joints feel so good and don’t hurt at all when I walk up stairs, so you should get some.

 I miss the Olympics so much I’m bummed I didn’t get to watch them hopefully they will play them on tv when I get back.  Cool to hear abut Phelps.

Love you guys have a great week
Elder Harper :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Leadership Training Week

Monday, August 6, 2012
Hey there everyone, so I’ll start off with the work this week. Tuesday was awesome, we went to go see (A)who we have dropped cause he kind fell off the board and was never available but we went over to see him and while we were there talking to him a girl who he knows walked by with her 4 kids and asked for a cigarette from someone else there and then left but she came back over as we were talking to (A) and she started listening in and got interested in some stuff we were talking about and asked lots of questions like, Do you believe you should get married before you have children? and a bunch of other questions and she was liking our responses, then we eventually got into teaching her the plan of salvation and she agreed with all of it but she especially liked the part about the spirit world and how we can be baptized in proxy for people who have died without a knowledge of the restored gospel or without being baptized by priesthood authority and she completely understood and it made sense to her that we would need that cause the authority was lost when the apostles were killed.  She knows she has done bad stuff in the past and she wants to change, we gave her a book of mormon and pamphlets the only problem is she doesn’t have a phone that works and she lives kind of far away so its hard to make time to try and catch her available, which seems to be the biggest difficulty here in the south, especially here in Marion where nobody has a car or phone hahaha, but she is still awesome and we are still trying our best. We also found a cool family last night. They are a couple who aren’t married they are in their early 20's and have a 2 year old who is definitely in her terrible twos hahaha. She made so much noise as we were trying to teach but they want to come to church and check it out and they accepted to be baptized but we forgot to give them a specific date hahaha. We totally spaced it, oops, its okay they'll get one tomorrow. (S) is still cool, he is just hard to contact because he doesn’t have his own phone for a while. He is still wanting to get baptized though. We also are working on something cool for the branch to help them get more excited about missionary work and helping reactivate people, it is the branch vision but I’ll talk about it more later.

Ya sorry, i didn’t have much time last week, and we really don’t have anything to do here on p-days. Marion is the highest unemployment rate in the state and there really is nothing to do except go to the church and shoot some balls or write letters. We have no active youth above 16 either, so nobody to play with, and we can’t really do anything with our district because Florence is too far to drive and it takes up lots of miles.

I sent those letters to grandma smith
We do get the ensigns
I will give you wanda’s address next week.
Bummed to here about grant, but tell him to keep working harder then anyone and he might still be able to start in front of a senior if he is better then him, push through the pain, grant

 Love Elder Harper