Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oh my gosh it is almost September!

Monday, August 27, 2012
Well hello everyone!!
So we had transfer calls on saturday and elder cranford we found out is leaving and also that he is getting called to be a district leader, I got released as the district leader which i wasn’t expecting but I guess they are having a younger missionary have his go at it and I can help him since i know how to do it so well. President gave me the assignment to help train elder cranford on taking the leader role as he was senior companion and then have me do the district leader duties, so it was cool to know that president has enough confidence and trust in me that he is having me train the younger elders in leadership, its been stressful but I’m excited to see who I get and they will be the district leader. So we had a great week we went up to see (L) and (F) and we took brother (W)’s grandson with us who is married and living with them his name is (B) and he is from hilton head which is where uncle john lives, anyway he went with us and was able to give them some tips on how to fix relationship issues which is the biggest thing they need to work on and they have come a long ways in a week. They aren’t yelling at each other anymore and don’t get as offended as easy, they are still working on the smoking and she still needs a different job but it’s gotten better slowly. I also went on an exchange in Florence with elder fisher and we had a great 2 days together he is a great missionary and is lots of fun to be around, also elder wilkinson is getting transferred. That’s pretty much all i can think of that’s happened this week. Today we are gonna go out to the swamp with chris (D) haha, I’m excited.

Man that is cool to here about dylan seeing tanner at pvcc! Is tanner going to pvcc too? Tell dylan I’m excited to be able to hang out with him like all day! everyday. I want to try and write him soon.
Tell dylan he needs to start getting in shape so that he can train with me so we can run st. george together.

Cousin eric probably met either elder heywood, or wilcock they are also from mesa and it most likely was elder wilcock he was in my district in aiken when he went home, i loved him so much he is awesome

Dad you can’t get bronchitis now you almost got the marathon comin up.

I'm sending a letter today that is for duncan, I have tried to send it like 4 times but it keeps sending it back to me so I didn’t put his name on it this time
I’m writing Joel today also.

Dad, I love that story about the pioneers taking of their shoes at the start, such a cool story about revelation from the early saints

Well I think that’s all i have this week, excited to see who my new companion will be and excited to have another great week and last 6 months .
Love you guys :)
Elder Harper

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