Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monday August 20, 2012

Monday August 20, 2012
Hey there everyone,
 This week has been good, i went on exchanges with elder Wilkinson in Florence on wednesday and thursday it was good to talk to him he is one of my favorite missionaries cause he just gets it, he knows how to treat others and always has the right words to say at the right time and they are always inspired, he is 22 so he graduated when I was a sophomore I believe which is weird cause he came out a month after me i wondered why he seemed so much older, anyway he is just awesome and he is on a lemon juice cleanser diet where he can’t eat anything or drink anything except lemon juice mixed with syrup and cayenne pepper powder haha he goes to the bathroom like crazy lol.  Transfer calls come on saturday. We are still teaching (L) and (F) they are still trying to work out their relationship problems, what’s worse is that since they don’t have any steady income they got their lights cut off so they are staying in a friends house even further away. They were supposed to come to church but she had to work late and didn’t get up till 30 minutes before church so that was a bummer.  (L) doesn’t know if he wants to get baptized but (F) wants to for sure. We also had our investigator (D) who is 13 also missed church which stinks cause she was gonna get baptized this saturday but it will have to be sep 1st instead.

The stuff on the yellow stick is a mexican candy elder stever and i got from a mexican tienda store which carries real authentic mexican stuff, its a gooey candy with pepper powder in it its pretty good.

the little boy (L) ( haha i dont know how to spell his name) anyway he is just the coolest kid ever he is 4 years old and sister (DR) in the branch who has been a member for a couple months does foster care and she had him for a little while but she had to give him back to his parents, that kid will get baptized one day and she will make sure of it.

We picked blueberries with the senior couple (the Bowmans) and bro weatherford ( the big guy) and his family. 

The guy holding the snake is an investigator named (A).

Man, why are the heggerman’s moving!!? Why is everybody I love moving away AHHHHH!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLI!!!, hope you have a great day, I’m excited to hear about you doing gymnastics just be careful not to break bones

I got a good letter from bro McCormick

Yea I have lost my extra chunk cause we never eat dinner here hardly cause our apartment is inconvenient and we only have like 2 member meals a week, plus elder cranford makes us pack a lunch everyday and I don’t get to eat much.

The dizziness is completely gone but I still have a little mucus in my chest but its pretty much gone

Hey tell dad to take glucosamine and also grant it would be good for his knees especially in football

Well that’s all I’ve got this week
Love Elder Harper :)

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