Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Leadership Training Week

Monday, August 6, 2012
Hey there everyone, so I’ll start off with the work this week. Tuesday was awesome, we went to go see (A)who we have dropped cause he kind fell off the board and was never available but we went over to see him and while we were there talking to him a girl who he knows walked by with her 4 kids and asked for a cigarette from someone else there and then left but she came back over as we were talking to (A) and she started listening in and got interested in some stuff we were talking about and asked lots of questions like, Do you believe you should get married before you have children? and a bunch of other questions and she was liking our responses, then we eventually got into teaching her the plan of salvation and she agreed with all of it but she especially liked the part about the spirit world and how we can be baptized in proxy for people who have died without a knowledge of the restored gospel or without being baptized by priesthood authority and she completely understood and it made sense to her that we would need that cause the authority was lost when the apostles were killed.  She knows she has done bad stuff in the past and she wants to change, we gave her a book of mormon and pamphlets the only problem is she doesn’t have a phone that works and she lives kind of far away so its hard to make time to try and catch her available, which seems to be the biggest difficulty here in the south, especially here in Marion where nobody has a car or phone hahaha, but she is still awesome and we are still trying our best. We also found a cool family last night. They are a couple who aren’t married they are in their early 20's and have a 2 year old who is definitely in her terrible twos hahaha. She made so much noise as we were trying to teach but they want to come to church and check it out and they accepted to be baptized but we forgot to give them a specific date hahaha. We totally spaced it, oops, its okay they'll get one tomorrow. (S) is still cool, he is just hard to contact because he doesn’t have his own phone for a while. He is still wanting to get baptized though. We also are working on something cool for the branch to help them get more excited about missionary work and helping reactivate people, it is the branch vision but I’ll talk about it more later.

Ya sorry, i didn’t have much time last week, and we really don’t have anything to do here on p-days. Marion is the highest unemployment rate in the state and there really is nothing to do except go to the church and shoot some balls or write letters. We have no active youth above 16 either, so nobody to play with, and we can’t really do anything with our district because Florence is too far to drive and it takes up lots of miles.

I sent those letters to grandma smith
We do get the ensigns
I will give you wanda’s address next week.
Bummed to here about grant, but tell him to keep working harder then anyone and he might still be able to start in front of a senior if he is better then him, push through the pain, grant

 Love Elder Harper

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