Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Companion

Monday, September 3, 2012
Hey everyone,
So transfers happened and my new companion is Elder Zach Lee. He’s from Alpine, Utah but he came on his mission from Hawaii because he went to BYUH for a year. He’s a really cool guy and I am so glad he is my companion haha we get along great and he likes to talk, its just been great cause I can open up and laugh and have a good time and still be working hard and getting the work done that we need to, he also reminds me of Cory Thurston haha he has the same personality and he even looks like him a little bit so ill send you a picture and you can compare. Since he is from Alpine, mom he might know your friend that you have that lives there.  I don’t remember who it is or their name but could you tell me to see if he knows them. He also knows elder laws cousin, she goes to BYUH and he was good friends with her out there. So yeah, I’m pretty excited to have Elder Lee as my companion now, and also elder Cranford went to Charleston, Elder Stever was at transfers and he got white washed into Augusta with Elder Wilkinson. so I feel a little weird being the one taking the lead again, but I’m getting used to it fast. We have some investigators that kind of go on and off but D is doing great she is on date for Sept 29th and she has already read into 3 Nephi, she’s so cool and she knows the gospel is true. L and F are okay, they were staying with a friend but, they are now in a motel and it makes it even harder to teach them so we are kind of waiting to see what we can do and they have lots of stuff going on so they are pretty stressed out. I don’t know if I’ve talked about this family at all but the G family finally came to church they needed some church clothes, we found out, and so they came and I got a picture it was a great success they are less active but they have 2 younger sons who haven’t been baptized yet so we are gonna fix that. Oh, and our district has changed. We are no longer with Florence anymore we got switched to the Conway district which is just us and the conway elders, Denny and Brinkerhoff, and elder Denny is the district leader so we are just a regular companionship which wasn’t what i was expecting, but I like it cause we can just focus on the work. Elder Lee has only been out for 3 months he just got finished being trained in Augusta! So he is my second companion that has come out of training.

So, that’s pretty crazy to hear that Eric is getting married haha man tell him congrats for me.
Also, i don’t know if you guys are video taping the games or that somebody is cause I want to be able to watch some of these awesome plays, all I can do is think in my mind how awesome it would look to see grant doing that. Keep it up buddy, go destroy the other teams.
Yea the weather here is always changing. It was mostly cloudy and rainy for august and know its really humid and hot again, but hopefully it will start to cool off cause the leaves on the trees are starting to change earlier then normal
 Well I think that’s all i have to write this week I can’t think of anything else. Tell Dylan I say Hi tonight and I would love to hear from him in a letter. How is Tanner doing?

Love Elder Harper:)

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