Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Monday, September 10, 2012 9:06 AM
Wow this week was crazy!
So I don’t really know where to start. We had a zone training meeting with just the missionaries in the zone and the zone leaders and it was great to see elder McPheters there. We talked about Blythewood the whole time haha but it was a good meeting. Got to discuss the challenges in the zone and how we can overcome them, afterwards Elder Lee, Denny, Brinkerhoff and I went to a hibachi buffet in Florence and it was good. Elder Lee tried the baby squid hahaha ewww it was gross he got it on video but I wish I had my camera. oh yeah so last night as we were driving home we heard this loud clanking noise under our front left tire and we figured it was a nail but we couldn’t do anything about it in the dark so this morning we saw that our tire was flat! AHHHH! haha so we had to get out extra tire and change it which messed up our plans a little got a picture (first flat tire ive ever changed). Good thing elder lee knew how to do it.
Well on my exchange with elder Brinkerhoff I learned he is super smart and know lots of stuff especially like random stuff about the bible and he explained where the name Jehovah comes from that’s was cool and I wrote it all down. Then on Wednesday we had mutual and lots of kids came. I think we had 13 youth there which is awesome cause we have been getting like 1 or 2 there since I’ve been here and so the (G) family is active now they have 6 kids and then this new kid who is 17 named (W) and is almost a one year convert moved in and brought his cousin and we are gonna start teaching his cousins and family who he lives with him in (M) he is awesome.
Then Sunday we had 9 nonmembers at church it was so awesome. I’ve not had that many in so long. (L) and ( F) came and  (S) came and he loved it and he had a flamingo tie on haha, (W) brought his cousins it was a great day at church, so we had a pretty full week.
Man I’m excited that Duncan is going on a mission he is gonna have so much growth as a person I’m excited to see him when he gets back. yes tell him he needs a camera!
I’m excited to see elder law when I get home. That will be awesome.
I got the package it was great and the cookies are good.
I gave elder lee those names of people in alpine so well see if he knows any of them.
Everything is going awesome.
Love Elder Harper:)

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