Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hey man its been a crazy week, hahaha

Yeah so last monday we got a flat tire, I think i told you guys about that but we had our little doughnut tire on for the day haha and we got it fixed on tuesday morning. Tuesday was crazy we were trying to find people to go to a fireside with president holm they are doing one every other month now but we couldn’t find anyone so that night we biked around Marion and went to a street to knock and the first door we knocked on we talked to this lady named (D) she is really nice and she said that she usually talks to missionaries but tells them to leave, cause they are too pushy or something and so we were glad that she hadn’t already told us to leave but we had a great conversation with her and she said she would read the book of mormon and pamphlet we gave her so we are excited to see what happens. We had interviews on Wednesday, it was great to  hang out with elder williams and elder isrealsen who are still the AP's and we also taught (C) and (D)who are the youngest boys of a part member family who has started coming back to church and they are being baptized this saturday the 22 which is way exciting. On thursday we got a call from (S) mom telling us to go talk to (S) cause something had happened at school so long story short we went over talked about it and also read the scriptures of the stripling warriors and he got pumped up about baptism and wants to go on a mission. So the next morning we got a voicemail from his mom telling us basically since we didn’t call her back and tell her what we talked about she didn’t want us talking to him or her or go to their house anymore and we were like "what the heck!!" NO!! but we found out that she was over reacting to us because (S) had run away and they couldn’t find him but last night after wondering where he had gone we found him walking down the street with help from his little brother so that was a relief and we put him on date for sep 29 to be baptized. We also had a birthday dinner at a pizza place with an older lady member who just turned 92 years old haha awesome.

Well that’s cool to hear about grant and sad about Eli getting hurt that’s the worst.

Man ASU LOST! They spanked missou last year, is the new QB Kelly pretty good? What year is he? freshmen?

Cool to hear about dylan.

love elder harper:)

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