Thursday, September 27, 2012

Baptism Week

September 24, 2012
Woooow, yeah so we had a great ending to a good week, (C) and (D) were baptized Saturday by their 19 year old brother (M). haha it took a couple times for each of them to get it right but they did, and I confirmed (C) and elder lee confirmed (D) and what was even cooler is on Saturday we had an investigator named (J) come to the baptism we had only met her the night before and we taught her the restoration and then invited her to the baptism so she came and she loved it and then afterwards we taught her the plan of salvation with the senior couple in our area the Bowman’s. She stayed up until 4am reading the book of mormon after we taught her the first time haha that’s cool. She didn’t come to church cause i think she felt a little overwhelmed cause have given her a lot of information in only 2 days and committed her to baptism so she told us that she was going to read and pray and let the spirit guide her on what to do, but hopefully we will be able to teach her on friday. we have been finding so many cool people lately and its so cool this area has been so prepared and people are just coming out and are so accepting to the things we teach, they might not all get baptized but they are open minded. Elder Lee and I are getting along great haha, we have such a good time together. It’s crazy to see how the time is going by and it goes so fast.

Well that is a great story to hear from coach moretti and yes i would be glad to help coach when I get back.

So mom i don’t think I will need another white shirt so don’t worry about it cause suit season starts right after conference anyway, so I wont really be wearing that many short sleeves.

Alli that’s a sweet cart wheel you did there, now you have to do a back flip!

I’m glad to hear brennan boyle is doing good, tell him I say hi.

That’s all I got for you guys
Love Elder Harper

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