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Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday, December 17,  2012
Hey everyone
This week was exciting, we have (S) on date now again, we talked to her and she was saying that she has really been thinking and she doesn’t want to wait any longer to get baptized that she will do it even if her mom can’t be there and so we put her on for dec 29 because she got stitches and she can’t get into water until she gets them out. So we had to wait till the 29th, but she is really excited for it and so are we because this has been going on longer than we had expected it to. We also have (K) on date for the same day (he’s the kid that came to church on his own) and tonight we are gonna teach him the word of wisdom and law of chastity. Something else, that is cool that happened this week is on Saturday night we had tried to see someone and it was 8:58 and I decided to knock on one more door and we picked one in a random building in this apartment complex. We  knocked on the only door with lights on and a kid answered and said your Mormons right? We said yes and he said we could talk to him and his sister.  We found out that his sister who is 15 is a member and also their dad is, but they haven’t been to church in a long time and they just moved back to north Charleston a couple weeks ago.  We went back and saw them yesterday and met the dad and they are just a way cool family that has been needing the church lately.  We were led to them because, I was inspired to knock on one more door, the daughter will be going to young womens on Wednesday and the dad will come to church when he can when he isn’t working, he works for (  ), so he has a crazy schedule, but we are gonna go over and eat with them next Wednesday. He’s gonna make some Hawaiian food cause he is from there. I love the guidance of the spirit and I can feel his guidance so strong, all I have to do is be worthy of his presence and I will be able to see miracles happen.
Man, Martha Lou’s Kitchen sounds way good, minus the sweet tea, I want to see if I can go there cause we are planning on going to down town Charleston sometime.

Yes, I got grandma Siiro’s package of stuff about a month ago it was great, and I thought I wrote her back but I guess I didn’t, I also got a call about a package that was sent to me but I don’t know who sent it but it was sent ups which doesn’t work cause the mission office can’t forward it to my apartment they have to hand deliver it so I will get that one on Wednesday this week. So just make sure that you let everyone know who sends me packages that they use USPS, not UPS, and I got grandma harpers package and your guys's. 
The skype situation, I think we will do it on Tuesday at 12 my time here, which would be about 9 your time, I was gonna try and do it when the family is all there, but it wouldn’t have worked like that cause we have some plans later on during the day.
 Oh mom where in Minnesota did you grow up we met a family who used to live there.

Well, hope you have a good week
Elder Harper

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