Monday, October 17, 2011

Letter home - 9/26/11

me and elder mcpheters are staying together in blythewood, we are really happy that we are staying together for another month and a half, we hope we can get some good work going here and hopefully a baptism, but we firs have to get some solid investigators to teach, we have one right now but shes still slow in progress and weve only met with her twice and we are meeting again today. this week was really frustrating for us, we had the assistants come out and work with us to help us and we got a lot of appointments from that but every appointment we had fell through and the people werent there or just decided not to answer the door. thats something that frustrates me is that people are home and you know they are home but they just dont answer the door even after you ring the door bell and knock 2 times. But we did get a cool lead who we are seeing today its a young mom maybe 20 years old with 2 young kids and she said she is really interested so, pray for us that it will go well. we have a guy in our ward named Bob Sebire he is an eternigator (eternal investigator) of like 30 years, he is basically mormon, he is active with his whole family who are members and he has a testimony of the book of mormon and joseph smith, he has even taught elders quorum. and we cant seem to figure out why he hasnt decided to get baptized, plus his wife wont let us ask him if he wants to get baptized cause she doesnt want to push him. its really hard cause all the mission leadership knows about him and they are always asking why hasnt he gotten baptized and we have no idea and his wife wont let us ask him so we really dont know what to do with him, thats just one of the problems that we are facing here.
thats cool the im a mormon is advertising in phoenix for 6 months, have you guys made a profile? and when is kirks video supposed to be put up on
i cant wait for general conference, its gonna be awesome, and i definitely need some answers to my prayers cause god has been testing me a lot the past 5 months and i need some relief. thanks a lot for the package that made me happy. it has been raining a lot here, its rained all week on and off and downtown columbia had bad floods yesterday kinda crazy.
cool that the dbacks are solid on the payoffs and i heard that ASU won yesterday from a member haha i was so excited.
i hope teagen is alright i will pray for her, but maybe taking her to the vet is the best idea cause they know the best about what to do and what is wrong with her.
i have been trying to get more pictures taken of the area before i send the memory card but  i will send it this week for sure. 
Grant- got a big game against mountain view this week, make sure you really prepare for them cause they are always really good and if you can have a break out game against them, people will start noticing your talent and ablility even more.
keep praying for me and that we will have success in our area here in blythewood and that people will be opne to hearing us teach them the gospel, i love you guys a lot and love hearing from you and it was cool to hear from dylan hahaha he is so funny.
love Elder Harper

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