Monday, October 24, 2011

Letter home Oct 24, 2011

heyyyy there yall

Sooo we had a pretty crazy week lots of stuff happened I’ll just tell you the important stuff. i guess the highlight of the week was getting to go golfing with our wards elders quorum, we were able to go because an eternal investigator bob sebire who is in our ward went. He loves golf and it was cool we told them we were gonna go,  but on friday the day before the golf outing we found out it was gonna cost 80 dollars to play and we were like woow we dont have 80 dollars so at dinner that night elder mcpheters and elder ellermen (we were on exchanges) went to the sebires house for dinner and they told bob why we would not be able to go golfing and he said "oh ill just pay for you guys", I was soo suprised that he would just spend 80 dollars on us and we even got to drive our own cart, not as many people showed up as we hoped but there was enough for a team of 3 and a team of 4 we weren’t on bobs team but we were able to talk to him quite a bit but weren’t able to get anything out of him about why he was not baptized, we had president mayo on our team and he is in the stake presidency, we asked him why bob hasn’t been baptized, but he said he has no idea. i played pretty well for the first time in 10 months. I was a little rusty but I had a couple great drives and shots, bro packer let us use his clubs and he has some nice clubs he had a nike sasquatch driver and nike hybrid club and some nice irons haha, so we were pretty spoiled. We got lots of pics and videos so it was good, the weather was also very nice and the course was cool lots of trees. This week we have been working with 2 investigator families yolanda robinson and her daughter brianna who are on date for november 12 and the brown family who are on date for the same date. We taught yolanda and her daughter the restoration with bro reay, a cool member, but friday she called us and told us that her sister in utah said not to continue meeting with us and so she might not want to meet with us anymore, so we are waiting to hear back from her, that was very disappointing cause she is soo cool and so solid. Then we had an appointment with the brown family on friday and they werent there for the appointment, and we havent been able to get a hold of them so we have no idea what is going on with them. We hope we can meet with them and teach them again. I got to go on exchanges with elder ultra in ridgeway, on friday that was cool since he was in my mtc district.  Its been cool seeing how much we have grown from then.

This week also, the stake has brought out their stake mission plan, and it is the columbia stake member harvest. So basically next week, us and the bishopric are going to teach and announce this in a combined 3rd hour next sunday and then we are going to send around a sign up sheet for the members to sign up for us to go over to their house so we can go over and excite them about missionary work and tell them the focus ( success is the invitation to her the gospel whether the person accepts or rejects it, its all about the invitation) INVITATION= SUCCESSFUL MISSIONARY WORK. I think it is something cool that every stake should do. So we will do that and then have each family make a list of people they are acquainted with and then pick from that list, who they should invite and then we set up a return appointment and get referrals. There is a lot more to it but that’s basically a short version. We are super excited for it because we need lots of referrals.

ha-ha i love hearing about how grant slammed the qb into the ground ahaha thats soooo awesome grant keep working hard and gettting better

well i got to go i had a short time on here again i will write a letter though to talk more i love you guys so much
Love elder harper

ps those are some awesome pictures and dad you need to get perfect push ups, grant too they are so awesome and they work great

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