Monday, November 7, 2011

Letter home 103111

whatss upp

this week i have to say has been really frustrating, we haven’t been able to get a hold of the brown family at all we met with Sean the dad on like Monday and he said to come by yesterday on Sunday but he wasn’t home and that is the 3rd appointment he has not been there for. we try calling him but he doesn’t answer and his voicemail box is full and he never answers our texts. down in the south and i don’t know if its just down here or not but people are too nice to say no, or don’t come back or i don’t want to listen and so when you talk to them or teach them its cool the first time but once they realize that you will keep coming back until they tell us no then they wont even open the door or answer the phone or anything even when we knock and we know that they hear us they wont answer and they never tell us that they don’t want to meet with us anymore, or they schedule a day for us to come back and they purposely avoid us that just kills me especially when you drive a long way and use lots of miles or change your schedule to go see them. and that is all that has happened to us this whole time here in Blythewood, even with the coolest most solid investigators, they just in the blink of an eye disappear off the planet. this area is the hardest area in the mission its the least baptizing and has been for like 4 years. Last week i think i told you about how the stake here has a new stake mission plan and it is awesome we announced it to the ward yesterday and it really didn’t go the way we thought it would go, there was like nobody at church so like nobody heard about it the presentation that our first counselor put together was not great, and we even passed around a sheet for the members to sign up for us to come by and do the thing with them and out of maybe 30 people 6 signed up, haha we just were like what the heck. do they want to baptize anyone in this ward? one cool bright spot to this week was that we taught a girl who is in her 20's and she accepted to be baptized on November 26, right now she is the only person we have on date for November and we really hope she stays and gets baptized.

ya we get transfer calls this Saturday, but we really are thinking that me and elder mcpheters stay together everyone in our district thinks so and elder law and linford our zone leaders think so too, plus it would be best if we were together at least one more transfer.  we have so much fun together haha sometimes we will just have times when we will get in a air freshener fight in the trailer or one time he took my bed apart and took all the covers an off and so i did the same to his bed haha we just have so much fun together and try to make every minute fun even when we might be having the worst, most frustrating day ever, ive learned a lot in my studies like today i was reading in alma about Ammon and king Limoni and then i just looked at the footnotes and learned about the godhead in john 20:16 its a cool scripture and proves the trinity wrong.   

man that stinks that grant lost his last game of the year but did he get to play a lot? i love that story of our mascot punching the brophy one, that is someting that i would totally do if i was there. grant what ever you do in the spring whether its track or baseball make sure you continue to work hard and put your full effort into it just like in football, you made so much progress and you thrived in the spotlight that can be a constant as you work hard in practice every day. thats sweet that halo4 comes out right after i get home, i cant wait to hang out with you a lot for the 2 years before you leave on your mission and alli also.

well i love you guys so much pray for me and elder mcpheters to be together longer and that we will have success

love elder kelly harper

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