Monday, November 14, 2011

Letter home 111411

November 14, 2011

So we had transfers this week and elder mcpheters got transferred to Martinez in Augusta, Georgia he is a district leader there haha he will do awesome. At transfers i saw lots of guys, elder Williams from the mtc he is now a zone leader in west columbia after only 7 months he trained and now he is a zone leader, haha that’s crazy. I also saw elder winger, he’s is training now in Summerville.  Well as you have probably been wondering my new companion is Elder Michael Rasmussen he is fresh out of his training stage so he has only been out for 3 months, so im his second companion and he is a cool guy haha he’s funny but he is also a little shy and doesn’t talk a lot, but he’s is cool we get along great no problems at all. I’m going to learn a lot from him and I am going to teach him all that I know how to do and be patient with him since he has only been out for 3 months, but I am going to try to help him be less shy and better at talking to people cause that’s the hardest thing, if you are comfortable with talking to people then everything gets better and easier.  Elder law is still my zone leader we are going on exchanges tomorrow and Wednesday, we didn’t find a lot of people this week but we did have one funny experience, elder Rasmussen and i did a lot of knocking and Saturday morning we knocked into a Jehovah’s witness and he was like telling us that the book of mormon isn’t inspired word of god and all that stuff and he was like i wont talk to you about the book of mormon but i will about the bible so we were like ok sounds good. his Jehovah’s witness new world translation changed so much from the king james, says completely different things, and he read a verse that says "all scripture is inspired of god" and then says that the book of mormon isn’t inspired of god, so were like, ok what ever but he offered to give us pamphlets. We have had lots of trouble getting in contact with our investigators, either they don’t answer the phone or return our calls or they are never home so it sooo hard to follow up and teach people a second time.

We got word from the mission about christmas packages, family and friends if they are going to send christmas packages to send them by December 1st, i cant believe it almost Christmas, hahaha time flys by so fast.

Also elder rasmussen has one of the special issue book of mormon ensigns and i was wondering if you guys could order one for me

Mom,you can send mixed berry jam that would be cool, I haven’t had that one yet, i haven’t gotten your envelope with the feathers yet so i will look out for that. me and elder mcpheters made the green chili roast stuff it was really good, but he took the crock pot with him cause he bought it so we don’t have it anymore :( oh well i can still cook other things.

Things that I might need for Christmas, ughhh well I don’t know yet ill have to make a list of some things

Dad i read a little bit of the book this week i haven’t had a lot of time at night but i will definitely read more this week.

Yah, grant I heard that the skyrim game came out it seems pretty sweet, we have a kid in our ward who is really into those games and call of duty haha, so he always tells us, i cant wait to play it when i get back, so you are varsity now? did the coach tell you that you got moved up? Why don’t you want to do pinnacle baseball? how are the cardinals and ASU doing?

I love you guys a lot and keep praying for me I love this work it’s so awesome and I when I study every morning the spirit testifies to me all the time that this is the true church of Jesus Christ

Love Elder Harper

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