Monday, November 7, 2011

Letter home 11711

well we found out about transfers and elder McPheters is leaving me after being together for 3 months, it feels like we haven’t been together long enough cause we felt we were going to be together another transfer at least.

So that’s the sad news, but hopefully i get a good companion and not like last time when i went from awesome companion to not so awesome companion. we had an awesome week. so last Monday we went to see a lead named derrick and he was home and let us in he is black but his wife is white and they have 3 kids that are mixed so we taught them the restoration and they loved it and the wife had a lot of questions on tithing because other churches tithing is used for paying the pastor. They asked if we had different races of people at our church and we said yes, we aren’t segregated and she was so happy to hear those things and they are so ready, so today we are going to teach them about the plan of salvation.

This week also elder law came on exchanges with me for all of Tuesday and we talked about boiling springs and he told me that he found out that Paula cash hasnt been going to our church for a while. the Andersons who bishop Timmermen knows are her home teachers so i hope that she comes back to church soon, but elder law also said that she had dinner at our ward mission leader in boling springs house recently and that went well so i really hope everything turns out ok. i wrote Wanda Scruggs a letter today cause elder law told me she started a Book of Mormon class at church so that was awesome to hear , she is so awesome and she will never sway away from the truth. i hope i get to go through the temple with her next may

I got your package and i love it, we are going to buy a roast today and put it in the crock pot with the green salsa for the last crock pot meal that elder McPheters and i will have because the crock pot is his and hes taking it with him :(

But the book is cool dad i am going to start reading it tonight after we come in while McPheters packs his stuff. and thanks for the fish oil. oh also elder law just got a new cd from Nashville tribute called work its about missionary work so maybe you could send that to me for a Christmas present, wooow its almost Christmas! haha that is so crazy, then all of a sudden its going to be my year mark in like 5 months i think, haha i dont know i lost count.

so i just looked at the pictures, haha my room is super pictured out woooow hahaha. cool so you guys got the cordons table now in our back yard, that looks good in that spot.
cool pics of the chase field stuff i would have loved to have done that. how long has elder Dennison been in the ward, why do the elders that come to az look so much older? i feel like the ones in my mission look sooo young. mom you shouldn’t stay up so long you need to go to bed earlier than 12:00

so that girl that we set on date for baptism we havent been able to get a hold of her we even went by for our appointment and she wasnt home so we are not sure what to do with her yet

well i hope you have a great day and week love you all :)

love elder harper

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