Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dec 12, 2011

hello this is buddy the elf, how may i help you?!!!
ive been saying that so much this week haha its been stuck in my head hahaha anyway, this week was good we had exchanges with the zone leaders this week and i went with elder law. me and him had a great time on exhcanges, we went to see (L) and we went completely by the spirit on what we were gonna teach her, we had no idea what was gonna happen and we just sat down out on her porch cause we cant go in cause there is no male in the home so we had to sit outside, and we just talked to her about what has been happening with her and her life and she just is struggling with faith right now, and she is depressed cause her mom has stage 3 breast cancer and so she is haveing a hard time, so we just asked her questions trying to see what we can do to help her increase her faith and we also read some scriptures alma 32 about faith and 2nephi 32about the holy ghost and how as we read the scriptures and pray then the holy ghost will tell us all things that we should do. it was really great but she still is hesitant to set a date for baptism cause she doesnt want to be rushed into it even though she wants to be baptized again. so that was a little frustrating but we had a great lesson with her,and we have a member family the murreys who are fellowshipping her they brought her some cookies or something and became freinds a little, they were supposed to bring her to church but we couldnt get a hold of her and either could they so that was a bummer. we finished re-teaching the lessons to sister yates this week she has been less active for 10 years and hasent been to the temple in probably 12 years so now she can get her recommend so that was great.
when i was with elder law on exchanges we realized that i am at the same point in my mission that he was when he trained me, thats soo freaking crazy!! ahhhh!! its flying by
we have christmas zone conference this week on friday in lexington and all my companions will be there except elder winger, haha im a so stoked to see all of them even my whole mtc district will be there except for the sisters, i got your packages haha and i loved the huge roll of paper that was signed and stuff haha i noticed that autumn and alex wrote a bunch on it hahaha.
so something cool this week i found out that another person in my ward here in blythewood knows someone from back home, brother tyler clark who is a dentist in the army went to school in san francisco with brian harris and they had the same classes together haha i was like no way that is sooo crazy i love brother harris, and tonight we have dinner with the mcdonalds so im gonna get a picture with them cause they know jon peterson, all the cool people in this ward know all my favorite people back in AZ.
so our ward mission leader told me that ASU fired dennis erickson or he actually opted out but is noel mazzone still the offensive coordinater? and also that we are playing boise state in the vegas bowl which is cool too. anything else happen? i also heard that chris paul is playing for the lakers hahaha that is so gay
well i dont know what else to write cause i never got an email from you guys this week sooooo haha, i do like the christmas cd though its really good
oh and i found out that we can skype for christmas and probably from now on so if you guys know someone you could borrow it from we could do it cause the christensens said that we could skype at there house but that would depend on if i get transfered or not, i hope i dont though cause that would stink
well anyway i thats all i have i think so i will talk to you guys later, hope you have a great week i have all my presents sitting in a corner of the room and i cant wait to open them
Love Elder Harper:)

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