Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dec 5, 2011

welll hello!
soo ya this week was good, well we didnt get to teach as many people as we had planned to cause people werent there for appointments and we had someone drop us also, sadly our coolest investigator lakyra got back from florida for thanksgiving and her mom has breast cancer and so she got back and i guess has been really depressed and so she called us and told us that she just needs to be a lone for a while so that was really a bummer, so please pray for her if you can. i guess i will talk about our investigators while im on that subject, we have a family named the johnsons who me and elder mcpheters taught the first lesson and then we have tried to see them and they are like never home we caught them last week but they werent home for the appointment we set up so we dont know yet what to do with them we will probably give them another chance before we drop them. then we have alex the really cool guy who has mormon.org bookmarked on his computer who we talked to last saturday, we havent taught him but we are calling him today because he never called us this week like he said he would. then we have Rory he is really cool and interested in a modern prophet, he is a chaplins assistant, we were going to teach him at the christensens(coolest family ever) tomorrow but sister christensens uncle died so we might not be able to do it then so thats up in the air right now, the dixons who we met a long time ago, who were really cool have not been available, so we are going to contact them after the holidays. then we have a guy named christopher who is pretty cool he is a chaplins assistant also and he is super interested and he is really cool but he has been sick so he is gonna call us when he isnt anymore, and those are our best investigators we also are finishing up teaching sister yates she is from germany and has been less active for 10 years and is preparing to go to the temple now we are teaching her the last lesson this week, we also are teaching a less active family the Mabeys in hopes that they will come back and that their 9 year old daughter will decide to be baptized. yep so thats what we are working on here in blythewood, we also just got the ward to start doing exchanges with the elders and high priests and they hopefully will start in 2 weeks maybe next week. so there is a lot of rwork to be done in the ward and its taking time hahaha.
we are also going to help a cool family the harms move out of the ward, bro harms is a chaplin in the army for the church and he cant proselyte at all, they are moving to el paso, texas. i will definatley friend him on facebook when i get back home, along with the christensen's.
this last week we had a special training meeting with president holm and his cousin brother brinley who is a former mission president and taught at BYU it was really cool he talked to us about the history of the bible and lots of deep doctrine stuff and it really helped clear up doctrines and how to tell people about them and especially when we are studying cause there is a lot fo stuff in the scriptures that i dont understand, and that missionaries dont really understand what they mean and he cleared some of it up, the meeting was only for my zone (columbia zone) and the west columbia zone so i actually got to see elder berenyi hahaha i was so stoked to see him cause i havent sen him in so long, he is a stud. i had to drive the car to building that the meeting was at in west columbia and ive decided i hate driveing in south carolina cause the people are soooo bad at driveing especially on the freeways and it doesnt help that the free ways are so badly designed hahaha so anyway, dad if you think drivers in AZ are bad, you need to come here they are worse.
grant: man dont even tempt me with the new batman AHHHHH!!!! i cant believe im gonna miss it and the mid night showing and all that stuff
the calling situation i dont know a lot about cause christmas is after transfers so i could still be here or i might not but if i am the christensens said that we could go over to their house and call from their phone, but either way i dont need a calling card thing cause we can use our cell phones but i will let you know more about that
haha dad i cant believe you ran over shadow ha but ya he definetly is like done, glad he is ok and you didnt spill hsi guts everywhere that would have been a sad ending " my dad ran over my cat the other day!!" hahaha jk. no we dont answer the questions from people on mormon.org and we didnt do it in the mtc which i think was new, we didnt eben work in the referel center.
mom i dont need you to send me a blanket im good i wear my sweats at night and we have the heat on, you can look in the package if you want just dont let grant or alli see i put a sticky not in there telling what things were for who, i havent sent anything yet for you or dad i will let you know when i do, the christmas cd you send should be ok like its not like i cant listen to a christmas song by keith urban or something dont worry
Grandma harper- i am getting the dear elders that you send and i am always excited to read them so yes to answer your question i do get them
thanks for being the best family in the world i am so glad i have you guys and i thank god every morning and night for you all, hope you have a great week
love Elder Kelly Harper:)
ps- the christamas devotional last night was really cool and so was the video, we watched it at the christensens house

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