Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Letter home 1/2/12

so this week was good we got to teach Georgiana the restoration and we are teaching her the plan of salvation tonight and also the word of wisdom and law of chastity and she shouldn’t have any problems with those so it should be good, when she read about how young women should only have one earring in the ears she immediately took her second set out, she isnt golden she is platinum hahaha like nothing is going to stop her she will be super faithful member of the church, she went to a YSA dance thing for new years and so she went to church in the Columbia ward cause she couldn’t make it to ours ya i dont know if i will ever find someone this solid again, I mean I hope I do but she is rare. we have a lot of less actives in the ward, like more than all the active ones times 2 haha and so we have tried to see mainly less actives but nobody is ever home so its been kind of bummer but we will keep trying.

There is this crazy old lady in our ward though her name is sister Phillips and i met her on my second day we decided to knock on there door and she let us in and said that her husband was inside and we later realized he wasn’t and then 10 minutes later he walks in the side door wearing a Speedo. AHHHH!. so ya that's kind of the weird story of the ward right now. 

Elder North is a funny guy. he is funny and he works hard and is great to get along with, he can do a good joker voice though, he is from Riverton, Utah. he also loves choir and drama, he came out a transfer after me. 

we put Georgiana on date for the 7th, so this Saturday and president Holm said he is going to try and make it to her baptism, I also have a leadership training meeting in Irmo on Friday and i will be driving down with elder mcpheters haha so its cool, elder law is doing great as far as i know, he is still an awesome zone leader. basketball night was great we played and intense game but movie night was lame haha nobody showed up so we just watched the movie plates of gold by ourselves with the aiken elders, ya if you could send me that testaments movie that would be cool i dont know about the other one yet we would have to ask president.

ohh i got a card from the Thomas's so tell them thank you when you see them, ya mom if you could send me like some thank you card that would be cool.

wooow you traded in both cars haha thats crazy, well dad i guess im gonna have to get me a tacoma and i will lift it and put some sweet rims on it myself, but the camry is pretty cool. i honestly havent gotten to read much of the magnificent obsession cause i have been so busy, i think im still in the first chapter haha sorry i am trying to make time.

ERIC BOUGHT A HOUSE!!  thats crazy where did he buy a house? ha i wondered why he got a set of pans for Christmas.

how is ASU basketball doing?

we live on mossback circle its like right below the mall

well i had a great week and i cant wait for the baptism on Saturday its gonna be so cool, getting to meet someone like Georgiana just makes me realize how true the church is and how amazing the gospel is

love you guys
Elder Harper :)

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