Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Letter home 1/9/12

sooooo this week was awesome, so I will start off with the best thing that happened, as you know georgianna got baptized at 4 on Saturday and it was so cool President Holm came to it and he talked on the holy ghost, it was so perfect cause we watched some mormon messages while she was getting dressed and stuff and they were on patience and the priesthood it was cool cause georgianna's mom is not a member and she was there and president definitely focused his talk a little on her it was cool she lives in Gilbert (Columbia area) not arizona, so maybe the missionaries there can teach her, georgianna loved the whole thing elder north baptized her and we forgot to practice it before so she had to get baptized 3 times cause her leg kept coming up, haha and then president let told her that her he had to baptize a 6 foot 7 guy on his mission and president is shorter then me so he had to do it 7 times before they got it right, she laughed at that. The sad thing is because she has some health issues she has to resign from her job and move out of the area and she is moving on saturday so yesterday was her last sunday here, but i found out that she is moving to.................... Boiling Springs!!!! haha I know i freaked out too when I heard that, so now all of my converts so far are going to be in boiling springs I think thats crazy. I got to confirm her yesterday and it was soo cool i could feel the spirit so strongly.
on Friday we had the leadership training meeting and it went all day i got up and picked up elder mcpheters and elder fuller in Augusta at 6:30 so it was still dark and we got back there at like 6:30 so it felt like nothing happened hahah it was weird and i drove the whole 200 miles, it was long but the sunset on the way home was cool. we had lots of new stuff that we got trained on, changing some things in the mission like the way we report numbers on sunday nights and other procedure stuff we are making it more simple which is better cause it used to be complicated and unorganized. it was cool at the meeting i got a posterity picture so all the guys who have been trained and trained ina group like elder law and his trainer and his trainees and their trainees so kinda cool and then also we got an arizona picture with all the guys from AZ.
biking every other day is pretty cool cause now im getting muscle in my legs
mom the mail gets sent from the mission office to me the same day they get the mail so it usually well get to me that same day
so if oswieler is leaving then who is gonna be the new QB is it a pretty good kid? and who is OC? haha
 the cardinals should draft brock oswieler!! yay maybe a good qb for once
sweet that all the teams except cardinals are good, do the suns still have grant hill? i know they were thinking of trading him. i LOVE ARSENAL they are so awesome and yes that would be cool to get a new jersey youll have to put a picture up next week. you should get a fabragas one he is the bomb, did bendtner play at all?
i think i would rather not live in park city utah maybe have a summer house there or something but not live there, i love arizona too much, 500,000 dollars would be nice though:)
well im out of time so i will talk to you next week and i really dont know about any presents for my birthday yet so give me some time, but i dont love you guys you are awesome, have an awesome week and do missionary work
love Elder harper

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