Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Letter home - June 27 2011


ya so this month has been really slow for us and I guess the whole mission, I talked to elder Williams last night  at our missionary fireside with President McConkie and he said they are also having a hard time finding people.  we have been doing so much to try and find people to teach, looking at former investigators, members, less actives, and even current investigators and we have just been striking out, and even when we get a lead from someone the person seems to always be no interested so its still been frustrating with finding but we have been helping lots of less actives and converts. (name) who I baptized my first week she has been less active for a while she told she thinks she might have rushed into getting baptized too fast and didn’t think about it more and now she feels a little overwhelmed with lots of stuff and also since there are lots of important things in the scriptures that we teach and expound upon that no other churches teach or they just leave out and so that stuff has been overwhelming for her so we went over and talked to her about it and it was good she trusts us and wants us to help her. this week we had dinner with (name) and his wife, they are in there late 20's and they both served in the Philippines at the same time, (name) was his wife’s zone leader, they are cool sister (name) is Filipino and so she made us a Cambodian noodle soup called "fo", it has beef in it, its sooo good. also earlier that day (name) the kid who is handicapped had his birthday party and so he invited us to go so we went and of al places it was at Chuck E Cheese's hahaha that was funny we couldn’t stay long cause e had dinner with the suns a little after it started but (name) is moving to a different family this week down in Sumpter and so Sunday was his last Sunday in our ward. This week we actually found a former investigator he has been taught all the lessons but he is a busy guy so hopefully we can se him tonight like we planned and also a less active lady named (name) invited her friend to church yesterday and she came and she wants us to teach her.

we had senior switch day this week so I took over as senior companion and I was in charge of everything including planning where we go, what we study during comp study and everything, that’s hard stuff right there. last night we had our missionary fireside where missionaries invite members, investigators and recent converts to hear president and sister McConkie speak, elder Berenyi was there and he sang his own version of "come thou fount" I think that’s what its called, it was sweet though I wish I had it on tape. President McConkie talked on and like clarified that we believe god, Jesus Christ and the holy ghost are 3 individual separate beings and how no other church believes that, but that there are scriptures to back it up, and also talked about the niceien creed and what happened during that and how the dark ages started because of it, it was super cool. It was President McConkies last fireside, he leaves on Thursday and we have a meeting with President Holm on Thursday morning. Yesterday was also elder laws birthday and he opened a package he got from a friend and we had dinner and cake at the Kitchens last night for his birthday.

this week when i went on exhanges with the zone leaders and i was with elder allen and we listen to Bruce R. McConkies talk called "the seven greatest heresies" I love that talk so could you find it and put it on a cd for me to listen to it and maybe even print it out and send it in your package if you haven’t already sent it. There is a quote by elder Scott from the 11/95 ensign about enduring could you find that and put in the next email incase I cant find it

when is dads birthday, hahaha sorry dad i don’t know it. also I need you to send my earphones to me, every week we are now required to get on and get familiar with it and but we cant watch videos out loud in the library and the earphones cost a dollar to rent some at the library so I don’t want to do that so could you send them to me.

So how was Chicago? Did Alli have fun?

How is grant doing with baseball?  

I got grandpa siiros letter about him going to Finland ha that’s so awesome and cool that his invention is going into a museum.  sent you guys an envelope with the thing sister McConkie sent me, so apparently her dad served here in south Carolina back when it was the southern states mission, and Great Grandpa Choules became the his mission president with 3 months left in his mission and uncle albert sent him a letter when her dad got released to go home she, its so cool that how small the world can be and i talked to her last night about it so i hope you got that. Oh i also found out that we have a sister in our mission, (name) whose dad is Mitt Romney’s first cousin

Any new news on the situation with Dylan’s mission

I have pictures attached
1 me with a funny Jesus license plate
2 elder carter and elder Boyd
3 us with nathan branch at chuck e cheeses
4 me and elder law with president McConkie for the last time

well i hope everything is going well at home, give me a sports update, its crazy that its already almost July. i hope it doesn’t get too hot this week. i have been pushing through the hard times, every day is hard but fun at the same time, knocking doors isn’t my favorite but when we do it i just have to have a good mind set, and i learn every day, I’m not perfect and I just have to do my best, i have to remind myself that it takes time to be able to know where a certain scripture is or a certain story.

Anyway I’m having a good time hopefully I’ll get an email from you guys next week since I didnt get one today.

love Elder Harper

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