Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Letter home - June 6th 2011

hey family
so this week was pretty new to me so far, we have no people to teach and all of our leads are pretty lame, so weve been doing lots of tracting and finding and lots of biking comes with that also. it was a pretty hot and muggy week too, so we were just dieing every day cause we just would sweat continuously and just get soaked. its been hard cause every day we would hope to find someone and we would always come up empty, yesterday we were knocking doors and some guy came out and told us he did'nt want to hear us cause hes already been saved and he doesn't want to here us preach our altered scriptures, also like an hour later we were contacting across from a baptist church that was starting its evening service and a guy from the church came up and tried to contact us  he just says " do you believe in hell? and we are like yes, then he says "good, have you been saved? yes, and then he hands us a baptist pamphlet and we said how about we exchange so we gave him a pass along card and then he just walks away and we see him in the parking lot acting like hes all cool with his older guy friend cause he just talked to 2 mormons, hahah it was so funny cause he didnt know what to say. so it was a slow week and none of our potential investigators progressed or kept any commitments at all so we dropped them so not a fun week really finding wise but it was still good.
grant: havasupi sounds like it was fun, i hope you have fun on the canoe trip. glad you liked that du-rag. send some sports updates about the coyotes and stuff
we have zone conference on tuesday so i can ask someone about the letter with the memory card in it. you guys could send me mail to my apartment directly but they always say to send it just to the mission and they will send it to me, i haven't got the memory card.
im glad moms arm is doing well, i prayed for her all week. cool that you saw Eric Camp, tell him that if his girlfriend really likes him and is really the one for him then she will wait for him but if she doesnt then obviously she isnt the one for him, he needs to go on a mission cause he needs to experience it, it will change his life and make it so much better. how is cousin Eric doing with his decision? i almost wish i was in Peru or a foreign country cause last night we went over to the hutchings again and bro hutchings had the NBA finals on hahaha i was just like dang it, come on and for 5 minutes i had to resist my self from watching it even though i could hear everything, thats whats hard about being in the states.
whats up with the coyotes? was there a big storm in AZ? someone said something about a hurricane haha but i think he meant monsoon that destroyed some stuff i dont know if thats right.
well hope you guys have a good week, everyday is a big learning experience for me its hard but i always get through it with the lords help, and i cant believe ive already been out for almost 3 months, we get our new mission president in end of june crazy, im getting really tan which is good, anyway i hope all is well keep praying for me to be my best.
Elder Harper

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