Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Letter home - May 31st 2011

hey family

So yesterday being memorial day the library was closed so i am emailing now at 4 on Tuesday, yesterday we lost our phone somehow hahaha its not fun and we have no idea where it could be cause we were pretty much at home all day so we think it might have gotten stolen at Wal-Mart but we don’t know how. anyway lately we’ve been in a big finding stage we have been biking a lot and knocking a lot, we’ve found lots of cool people but they for some reason aren’t progressing at all so its been hard trying to teach them, this last week for some reason we ran into a lot of people who have hated Mormons and wanted to bash us one guy called us the false church of Jesus Christ and said hes studied on the Mormons, but i wonder what he been studying from? those people are pretty common down here. funny story so last Monday after i emailed we always ride past a Baptist grave yard that is raised about 4 feet above the ground and we decided to go jump our bikes off it so when i got close to the edge my tire caught the bricks on the edge and i just fell off the 4 foot drop and i tore up my white shirt and my hand and elbow got all scratched up, my backpack also got a little hole in it which im pretty mad about, so that was fun and i bruised my thigh really bad, so its hurt all week and still hasn’t gone away completely. Then  i also one night somehow lost my pocket nametag and so had to wear my clip on one and that one broke off cause it caught a door so now i have a ghetto nametag that has tape on it hahah it so funny, so i have to order new ones now. 

its starting to get really hot the last 3 days its been blazing and the thing is when you sweat here you stay sweaty all day even when you go inside so we’ve also been biking far distances lately so we have just gotten so stinking soaking wet from all the sweat, i hope i get a car soon, maybe next transfer cause it really is just almost unbearable.

we get lots of member meals but when we aren’t being fed we make good stuff sometimes enchiladas or we eat left overs from our lunch on Thursdays with bro Wilson he takes us to lunch after we go out with him. its hard to just make like healthy meals but we usually make smoothies every morning and put spinach in them or we eat oatmeal so we eat as healthy as we can its just money is so tight .

something i would like is a red marking pencil that is specifically for scriptures cause the ones you sent me are good but they won’t mark very well and it makes the pages all wrinkly, so you might be able to find them at deseret book, also could you guys print the inconvenient messiah by president Holland, and act in all diligence by pres Eyring from the may 2010 conference  

 i got the letter with the pictures in it but i never got the memory card and i thought it would be in there but idk, ya im going to need more shirts haha plus since my other one got ripped from my crash. We didn’t have to talk this week, the wards over here are way different they like aren’t as focused on missionary work really and really do much to help our converts out so its really hard trying to get the ward involved, but i did speak i think it was 3 weeks ago, i forgot to tell you guys and it was on the gift of the holy ghost, it went really well. who are the missionaries who are in the ward? so is mom gonna drive my car then? after you sell the sequoia. i cant really wrap my finger up in a straight position cause im always writing things down and so if i do that i wont be able to write so i really dont know what to do about it haha plus yes i do write things down i write in my planner all the time about our investigators, i tried wrapping it Sunday and it felt better after but i cant do that all the time. oh and can you send my muscle rub stick, that would be really nice haha cause my legs are so tight, i sent you guys a package today with the shirts and grants birthday present, it is SWEET! ;) 
 That’s sweet that the dbacks are in 1st place, how did they manage to get so good so quickly, who on the team is playing good?
In your letter you guys said that the coyotes are staying for another year? what’s the details on that? i got really excited to hear that, and is the matt hulsizer guy still wanting to buy them? what happened to the thrashers? that is a little weird that they would move to Canada, anything else going on in the sports world

i love the pictures you sent, keep sending some i like having them to look at all the time. hows duncan doing, is he still thinking of a mission, what is eric thinking about on his decision to serve a mission or not?

well i dont know what else to say so im gonna go, im working hard and doing my best, keep praying for me cause i really need it to help me get through each day, i havent prayed so much in my life then now, each morning we have sacred grove time where we take turns going into the bedroom and praying outloud like in the sacred grove ha its so awesome maybe you could tell dylan to do that cause its so awesome, oh we get our new mission president at the end of june so that is in this transfer its gonna be interesting to see the changes and what happens, i love you guys and i love the gospel.

Elder Harper

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