Sunday, May 1, 2011

Letter from week of April 24, 2011

all has been going pretty good so far with my 3rd week in boiling springs, we are doing lots of tracting and have found a couple new people to teach but its funny yesterday on easter we found this lady and she wasnt interested at firts but she liked the history of the book of mormon and started talking to us a little we tried to tell her what we believe and everytime we would try to answer a question she would ask another so we knew she was bashing us, we learned about that in the mtc haha it was funny she said a prayer and asked god to help us find the truth lolol we were just laughing as we walked away, anyway thats a side story.
yes we did baptize both times this week, i got to baptise tatiana on saturday that was super cool we got into the font and we knew the water was hot but we got in and it was pretty scalding haha cause there is no temperature gage its just a valve off and on switch and when i said the prayer i started to say the baptism for the dead prayer because on thursday we went down to Columbia for a training meeting and all the trainers and trainees got to go do baptisms and i got to baptize so i still had it in my head aha, funny thing is after the baptism of tataina that night we called pres McConkie to ask him a question and he asked us how the baptisms went and elder law told him about my goof up and pres said that we would make it into his journal that night hahaha so now i can say i made it into an apostles sons journal.
we have to ride our bikes everywhere and there are like no sidewalks so we ride on the road with the on coming traffic ( haha pray for me that i dont get ran over) and we have to ride on the highway that goes through town everyday and i think i have seen more dead animals on the roads here in 3 weeks then i saw in 4 years of running on the roads at home and stuff haha like every 5 minutes there is a dead bird or dead squirel or something yesterday i almost ran over a full size posum ha i was too close behind elder law and he hoped over it and i just bairly missed it, it freaked me out lol.
the weather has been really good since ive been here not to hot, we dont get that much humididty cause we are far away from the beach but its still pretty humid, now its starting to get hotter and we ahev made plans to ride out to landrum and inman and down to spartanburg so we might be sweating like a pig in a souna pretty soon. last night we got a less active guy named joe to come over to our ward mission leaders home for easter dinner haha it was such good food home made bread and honey baked ham, first real somewhat southern meal i guess its not really southern. oh there is a place called zaxby's out here its like a southern fast fod joint pretty yummy chicken and seasoned fries, we will go to it when im done with my mission. anyway about joe i saw him at church and didnt know why but i kept thinking about him all day and we had to invite someone over for dinner with our ward mission leader so i suggested joe and it ended up being a really good experience for him cause hes been getting more active but doesnt have any friends so he looks like hes become good friends with our mission leader and more comfortable with us he gave us some referrals. i think it was cool i followed the spirit and when i acted on it there was a great outcome.
we dont really make our own dinner we normally have members feed us but we make our own breakfast and lunch, haha we have soooo much candy.
being a missionary is sooo hard i thought we would just be teaching some people and planning out there lessons and just some routine stuff but its crazy well at least its harder when your being trained cause they just changed the training curriculum its more then just following the example of your trainer now they have like this whole mapped out schedule for comp study each day for 12 weeks ( we are now supposed to be with our trainers for 12 instead of just 6 weeks) and there is so much stuff i have to learn its set up to where i should be able to traina new missionary by the end of the 12 weeks i think thats kind of crazy but whatever cause we most likely wont be doing that. anyway it is really hard learning how to properly plan out your day and the upcoming week and trying to remember all the people who you contacted who want to you to come back or who are kind of interested um trying to remember the needs of like 8 or 9 different investigators remembering what you taught them and what they need to be taught next, and all the little things and everything is so important or else you might lose there interest or something soo getting used to that has been hard and im still having a hard time. i know the area a little better i think i know which way is north haha i need to buy a gps though cause they dont provide us with them. its still been hard to be happy all the time, like getting up and wanting to study all the stuff for about 4 hours  its been hard but i know it will come sooner or later, it kinda has to so that has been kinda frustrating and i know thats what satan wants is me not to be happy so ive trying to force myself to be happy and just not think about home and stuff cause that gets me off focus. 
Grant: we had our leadership training meeting with a bunch of the zone leaders and district leaders and i was there cause my trainer had to be there. they talked about how the kids who will be going on missions in the next years to come and from now on basically need to know about the doctrine we teach at church and in seminary and stuff because they dont teach you it in the MTC they teach you how to teach it in the MTC so befroe you go in you need to know the doctrine so what you should do is get a preach my gospel from bishop or someone and start reading through it especially chapter 3 it has all 5 lessons they we teach out here and we have to have those pretty much known so it would be good for you and dad to start reading those maybe and make sure you pay attention in seminary cause i didnt that much, and when you come out you need to know more then i did when i came out.

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