Monday, May 23, 2011

Letter home - May 23, 2011

so this last week was crazy we had interviews with president McConkie on wednsday, mine was good and short he was just like so how are you doing adjusting and stuff, its still normal to be homesick still and stuff and he told me that i have great expectations, so i hope i can soon live up to those expectations. it was my first and last interview with him cause president Holm comes in at the end of june. sister McConkie has a scrapbook page for every single missionary they have had so i got to up date mine of coarse it was the last time doing it so im only gonna have one are and one comp on my sheet, we also get our ties cut at zone conference next month so i got figure out which one to wear haha.
ohh haha so i finally crashed for the first time on my mission! tuesday it rained all day so we had to ride our bikes in the rain and my pants and shoes got soaked, anyway since it was raining to road was slippery and we were riding kind of on a busy overpass on the freeway and i got to close to elder laws tire and clipped it and i just lost my balance and skid on the ground i braced myslef with my left hand, but to my suprise i was fine and nothing was scratched, then 10 minutes later we were going fast down a hill and there are no sidewalks so we ride on the edge next to the grass, i went a little off on the grass and tried to get back on the road and my tire slipped and i just ate it bad, both my hands hit first and my fingers poked holes in my gloves but they are still good but my left wrist was sprained a little and it hurt. after that i got mad i was just so upset cause it was raining i was wet and cold and now i crashed twice so haha that was dumb.
we baptized (name) on saturday, everything went well. she even invited her nonmember friends and family and we watched the restoration video. she is an awesome lady has a strong testimony.
transfer calls came on saturday night and me and elder law will be together for another 6 weeks which we kinda already knew because of the new training program. but one of our spanish elders, elder allred is being transferred to myrtle beach we think so thats a bummer but its normal, one of our zone leaders elder larsen goes home on Wednesday, kinda funny seing him get all trunky, its just a little weird seeing guys go home and see them come back after, it doesn't help me with being homesick either.
this week was hard, i had a stressful week, i dont know. i work hard and i do what im supposed to do, its not that im worried about my teaching skills or anything its just that im so worried about not knowing the area well enough not being as happy as i want to be or know i should be because im dong the lords work, like i think since everything is so different and the people are so different i have a hard time loving them. its like i just want to be in my own shell and not be bothered, and it doesnt help that we are always in akward situations when contacting. Ive read lots of talks to help me try and get over homesickness but like i am just always thinking of home and family and what i could be doing back home and it just gets me so depressed and i get discouraged, and i dont want to be depressed or discouraged. its so hard for to just forget about home completely and focus on my investigators and  the people in the ward and it makes me feel like im a bad missionary or something haha. i would really like some help, and maybe its just that im still a new missionary but i thought i would be over it by now. and sometimes to be honest i get bored with doing the same thing everyday. but i do it regardless cause i know its my duty, it is hard sometimes not knowing how to help people or what to teach them.
Grant: sounds like you had a great time at spring football practice, and also with baseball, your doing a great job with baseball keep working hard and trying to always get better, home runs are sweet, keep crushing them. ya send me some pictures printed out and send them in an envelope with some of the pictures you guys have already put up on the emails so i can look at them when i want, i cant believe you will be a junior when i get home that's crazy you'll be so much older and be driving dude thats crazy. some advice for your talk is to start preparing to be a missionary now start reading the book of mormon and preach my gospel chapter 3 all the missionary lessons thats what you need to know cause in the mtc they don't teach you bout the gospel they teach you how to teach the gospel so you need to know about it before you go on a mission. also i need my sports update on asu and stuff
alli: sounds like your science project went well. excited for school to be over?
hey how is duncan doing and all my friends?
hope you have a good week this week and i hope mine gets better too, keep praying for me please.
Elder Harper

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