Monday, May 16, 2011

Letter home - May 16, 2011

 hey home, fam and everyone
so this week was crazy we went on exchanges with the spanish elders again and the zone leaders haha it was some good fun. first i went with our zone leader elder nelson and worked in his area i slept at his apartment and we ate pulled pork peices for dinner and diped them in pork sauce stuff ahhhh it was soo good, and then woke up the next day and worked in his area it was fun i was basically like a zone leader for a day we just drove everywhere we only had like 4 appointments for investigators but we just had to cover so much ground we drove an hour to get to a baptism interview and we were there for a long time but we had fun we blasted alex boye and chruch music in the car all day and wore sweet sun glasses it was funny then. met back up with elder law that night and thrusday me and elder law were together and went out with bro wilson like we do every thrusday he took us to mannys. well have to go there after i get home. then we had to help a family move for a couple hours and had a lesson that night with wanda the lady we are baptiseing this weekend. then friday i went on exchanges with elder allred in our district who is a spanish elder so i went and did spanish work all day haha since i dont know spanish he would teach all the lessons by himslelf and i would kinda get bored and stare off into nowhere haha i kept falling asleep during lessons cause we just sat there for like an hour and a half and i did nothing lol we had one guy we knocked into a guy who was grilleing carne asada and he had his door open so he let us in and we went in and he closed the door and the air conditioning wasnt on either so no AC and the house is filled with smoke that smells like carne asada and earlier this week it rained a lot and its been super humid all week so we are just baking in this guys trailer for like an hour and a half we forgot about our dinner appointment and i just started falling asleep and wakeing up and i understood when he told the guy the first vision but other then that i didnt know what was going on but aparently he commited to be baptised. that was a fun day just cause i said nothing during any lesson and i was way tired. then on saturday it was really overcast and was going to rain so we were biking and almost to a place were a kind of investigators house and it just started pouring on us all of a sudden so we had to bike really fast up this hill around the corner down the street and dropped our bikes and sprinted under the porch adn sat there for an hour haha we were souked  but we biked a lot saturday up lots of hills and we went to go see a lady who we gave a pamphlet to but we got there and she had looked at like anti-mormon stuff and thought joseph smith was a murderer and stuff so we knew we were going to drop here cause her heart was hardened and she kept asking questions and then i just was like started tlking about the book of mormon and were it came from and how i knew it was true, i basically didnt know how i was saying all this information it just started coming out and after we walked away i told elder law that that was the spirit speaking threw me cause i dont remember a single word i said other then "the bom is a record of the gospel in the ancient american contenant"  it was pretty sweet to see how god works thruogh us when we least expect him too and how if i just keep studying and working hard each day whether i might want to go out and do it or not if just keep being obedient he will help me. I really have been straing to have a lot more fun this week has been the best week of my mission so far i learned how to be simple when i teach to have fun and always make a situation seem better then it really is, like on saturday me and elder law just had fun even tho we biked a lot we joked a lot rode down a muddy hill and got all muddy and elder law rode off the trail into the bushes it was a crazy fun week and i grew a lot this week. yesterday we had a fast and testimony meeting with 2 other zones and president McKonkie and every missionary bore their testimonies, mine was just on having fun and if you dont have fun on your mission then you wont enjoy it cause thats what i learned cause for the last month of being out here i havent really been having fun its been a struggle but ive learned that i just need to find a way to make it fun every day.

well thats all i hav for now i got to go i love you all and its hard but im starting to have a lot more fun.

Elder Harper

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