Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Letter home - July 11, 2011

hey there family
so we had transfer calls come on Saturday night and..... elder Law is getting transferred after being in Boiling Springs for 6 months, he is going to be a zone leader next transfer but we don't know where until we go to the transfer meeting in Columbia on Wednesday, so that is pretty crazy, i have no idea who will be my companion, so I am anxious to see who, i hope he is cool. President Holm is really awesome he has a great attitude and wants to raise the mission to a new level.
the guy that i gave a pass along card to that we are teaching is good still, we haven't been able to teach him yet cause we have been traveling a lot and so has he so this next week we should be seeing him. this week we went down to Columbia to a leadership training meeting for 2 days it was long and crazy we got some new mission policies, and we got the Augusta Georgia stake added to our mission so their zone leaders came to the meeting and they told us about the way they contact people they do it way different they are all like robots and they have like no personality because there mission president was way strict. We stayed over night in Columbia in a six pack apartment and got to see USC and the football stadium there, it is soooo humid and hot in Columbia, man I am glad i'll still be in the upstate for the rest of the summer at least.  I do have to say i am really nervous about getting a new companion and trying to kind of do a little bit of the planning on my own cause he isn't going to know the area and i just hope i'll know enough to be able to tell him about investigators and members and stuff haha i know i probably shouldn't be worried but i am. we might be getting a car back though because one of the areas that has a car up here is getting shut down because of a shortage of missionaries, so that would be cool to get a car.
to answer your questions about the suit, i don't think i need another one yet, but maybe at my year mark or something maybe my birthday haha. tell alli i get back in the spring of 2013 ha. the earphones you sent me i don't think are going to work cause the buds are broken. my earphones should be in the blue box in my closet, and also what would be cool is if you could send me one of those little metal consecrated oil containers. the cds that dad sent don't work on the cd player we have haha i dont know why the ones you send me never work but if you could burn them again and send them to me that would be cool along with Nashville tribute to Joseph smith.
so a guy in our ward is a chiropractor and i told him about my finger and he looked at it and said that i must have broken it or hyper extended it cause it bends farther back then my other finger and there is like calcium built up around the knuckle, and i also have a problem burping, haha like its like it gets stuck up under my throat and i cant burp but then it will come out randomly on its own, it almost like something is blocking it. Also could you send me the seven herracies talk on cd so i could listen to it.
Thats cool that grant did awesome in his tournament, 3 for 3 and 4 RBI's thats awesome especially in all-stars. grant get excited for football your gonna do awesome man you have so much of an advantage just because of your height, just go out and beat those guys up in practice.
i heard about the sand storm, and some members showed us pictures. haha that looked crazy. ya tell me about the all star game after, anything other news on other teams like who drafted Jimmer Fredette? dad your gonna have to get me the droid after my mission i'm not an iphone guy. how much did you sell the quads for?
well i have to go and ill talk to you guys next week, keep praying for me.
love Elder Harper

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