Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Letter home - July 18, 2011

hey familia
this week was crazy with transfers, elder law is gone :( he got sent to hopkins in fort jackson, down in columbia by USC. he will be serving in the singles ward as a zone leader. my new companions name is elder winger, he is from ogden, utah and he has been out a year and half, so he has 6 months left. hes a very nice guy. he is one of those really akward guys who doesnt talk a whole lot. yesterday we put someone on date which is awesome, we only taught 4 lessons, we set a goal of 6 lessons but we still did a great job. also we had a goal to hit 210 contacts this week and we got 201.he is from the augusta zone that got added to our mission from the macom mission that got dissolved. yesterday we did find someone and put them on date there a couple and the names are (names). they accepted to be baptised on august 6th so pray for them please this morning i was reading a scripture that was really good its jacob 4:8-11 it talks about how gods ways are higher than our ways. and that is something i realized i have to get better at keeping in mind all the time
so how is everything going? thats cool you guys got sweet seats at the dbacks game, im so bummed
about the coyotes! how is grant doing in football? dont send the all star game cup i dont want to lose it or break it so just keep it there and take a picture of it. here are some pictures attached
1. me and elder carter
2. i found a sweet mail box
3. pic of elder winger

just keep praying for me that everything will go well that i will be able to make it through this transfer with out getting too depressed. i love you guys so much i miss you, i wish i could call you everyday and tell you how i feel and get advice and just talk, cause there are so many times when i just need someone else to talk to.
love Elder Harper :)

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