Monday, July 25, 2011

Letter home - July 25, 2011

heyyyy so this week we had a lot gong on I can’t even remember all of it. the guy that we found named (name) we dropped him he ended up not being very committed and he just was not elect he didn’t come to church and was never home for any appointments. we are still trying to work with the guy that I gave a card to he has been really busy and has been out of town but we hope to teach him this week im excited he said he has some questions for us.

Dad I love how you said your companion rode his bike funny and you would always laugh hahaha, elder winger is the same way except he doesn’t wear backpack he has carries one book of Mormon in a plastic bag thing and he sticks it in between his pants and shirt right in his butt he just looks so funny, I might have to take a picture sometime this week.

I was reading dads story about the time when he decided to knock that apartment complex and found the lady who had a book of Mormon, and how earlier that day he prayed to be led by the spirit and so I decided to do the same thing I went into my room and prayed to be led by the spirit and as we were riding to an investigators home I decided to stop and see a less active, but he wasn’t home so on our way out at the last second I said lets knock this street and the fourth door we knocked on the guy let us in and we taught him and he wanted to read the book of Mormon it was sooo cool cause I thought back on how I was led by the spirit. He was supposed to come to church but he overslept yesterday but we are still working with him and he still wants to keep learning and says he might want to get baptized.

On Saturday we were 3 miles away from our apartment when I got my 5th flat tire so we had to walk all the way home, it took us an hour and I got sun burnt and so I know that god is helping me build my character and build patience. He is helping develop attributes that I am learning with my time with elder winger, learning how to take control of a situation, being a leader at the beginning of my mission and learning to endure. Last 3 days have been the hottest days of my mission. I read the talk from elder L tom Perry called "the tradition of a balanced righteous life it’s so good you need to read it for family home evening or something good for grant and Alli.

I loved how you sent me cowtails in that package a couple of weeks ago, elder nelson introduced me to them and I love them so that was ironic that you sent me them. Mom I am going to get some of that Maalox stuff today. Since im not being trained anymore I email at 10am not 11am.

I can’t wait to send dad his birthday present he’s going to love it and want more of it, its special something you can only get in South Carolina. In your next package could you send me some more music haha, josh groben, a copy of grants efy cd he got this year, some David osmond, a copy of the meet joe black cd.

I love you guys so much keep praying that I will get through this transfer and that I will be able learn important things from this one. I will try to write the priest quorum this month again, and I can’t wait to hear were grandma got called on her mission

Love Elder Harper :)

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