Monday, August 1, 2011

Letter home - August 1, 2011

Hey guys

First of all thanks mom and dad for the personal letters you guys sent me that really helped I think I read both of them like 50 times this week. Ya we have had a crazy week this morning we had the termite guy come to our apartment and he is going to be there all day to take care of our termite problem. Then earlier this week, the 3 apartments next door to us got broken into in 2 days, I guess the guy came back the next day to break into the other 2 apartments so we were being super careful about making sure everything was locked up. But nothing happened to us so I know that heavenly father was watching out for me because I a being faithful and obedient in doing his work that’s what he does he protests us when we are doing what we are supposed to be doing. I crashed on my bike again this week, well it wasn’t my fault. I signaled to elder winger that we were turning and apparently he wasn’t watching so he just ran right into me and we crashed in the middle of the street, haha man I got a little mad. We have dropped a couple of investigators cause they aren’t progressing and aren’t keeping commitments but we had dinner with a part member family and the wife has grown up Baptist but the husband is the only one who is a member and they let us teach them about the Restoration and the wife was very interested and had lots of questions about families being forever and stuff and so she said she would be open to coming to church and so we hope to teach them again soon. But that’s all that was good that really happened or that was exciting. But even in the lesson with them I wanted to read from the restoration pamphlet because I thought it would help the wife to understand better and elder winger thought that it was stupid and that it is not used for teaching and we got in an argument after we got home about it, haha. Other then that it was a good week. In my scripture reading im in mosiah 2 and I love verse's 40-41 that talks about enduring to the end and if we endure to the end we will live in eternal never ending happiness.

I spent a lot of money lately on my bike so sorry if the costs seem high, I had to change both my tires this week they were way worn down and they were warping and I had to change both tubes in them also haha not fun, I've spent so much money on tires and tubes on my bike its ridiculous. And I did by some more tea tree shampoo and conditioner so but other then that I haven’t really spent much on anything.

I did print your email last week and I’m going to start printing them because it’s hard for me to get through them all the way. Dad it would be best if you could send those byu talks I have a binder to put them in already. And ya just send more music the stuff I requested in my last letter, snacks would be good like cliff bars and stuff, haha why did you send me another Chap Stick thing hahahah now I have like 5 of them, anyway.

Any sports news I heard something about the dbacks trades from a member any new sports news

Grant I can’t wait to hear about football and stuff go out there and work you’re hardest and you will have so much fun, never give up

Alli how are you doing are you excited for school? Summer went by so fast.

well I hope you guys have a great week I pray for guys every night and keep me in your prayers, I love you guys so much and I’m trying my best

Love Elder Harper

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