Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Letter Home Aug 22 2011

Hey so I guess you can tell from the heading that I'm in Blythewood, it is east of Columbia but I'm basically right in Columbia. my companions name is Elder Cameron McPheters he is soo cool haha he is just what I needed, he is always laughing and we have fun together all the time, he is from Rexburg Idaho and he’s been out for 8 months. Our area is the problem area in our mission. It’s had so many problems with the police and stuff telling missionaries they can’t proselyte and stuff. it is a great area just the one problem is since its a super rich area nobody is outside walking around and knocking isn’t very effective here cause nobody is home during the day and when they are they don’t even give us a chance to talk. But we have found 2 people who are interested and that’s all that our teaching pool is haha, there hasn’t been a baptism here in 9 months, we hope to turn that around. So all we really do is go to member’s homes and work through them we are just trying to build the trust in the members and develop a friendship with them so that they will give us referrals, because that is the only way we will baptize someone here. Also elder law is my zone leader now haha how awesome is that and we are going on exchanges on Wednesday!

I’m also in a car now so that is nice, we live in a big trailer in the back of the woods on a long dirt road I have my own bathroom, its pretty cool. And the car gets super dirty all the time cause of the dirt road. I’m pretty happy and excited.

Sorry I sent the stuff in a bigger box then necessary that’s the one we have and I just wanted to get it off. and I spent 60$ on my mission card because that’s how much groceries we bought or more like elder winger bought, cause the week before the cashier got confused and paid our groceries all on his card (we usually split the price in-half) so I said that next week I would do it all on my card, and he decided he wanted to buy a lot of groceries. I got grandpas box of jam that’s so cool me and elder McPheters are going to eat it all. I’m glad Alli like her present I thought it was a cool little pin.

Grant: hahaha you laid a kid out?!! that’s sweet, see hard work pays off, if you can keep it up and continue to work hard they will start you and you can thrive especially with your size and power just make sure you go out every day and out-work everybody, perfect practice makes perfect performance. Varsity is the goal. :)

Oh and grandma Harper, Washington DC is so cool I can’t wait to come home on the same day as you hahaha that is so funny

I have some pictures I’m going to attach one is of my old zone on pday, the rest are of me and elder McPheters

Well I love you guys, I can’t wait for this awesome time with elder McPheters, your prayers are definitely helping and I always need them.

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