Sunday, August 21, 2011

Letter Home Aug 15 2011

hey fabulous family 
so i had a great week this week. we were able to teach (name) the guy who came to church last week, we have taught him 3 times and he has read all of 1 nephi and some of 2 nephi and he has lots of interesting and good questions haha hes funny too he always talks about political controversies  like all the obama stuff and how the government is spraying chemicals on us hahahaha i think its hilarious, after one of our lessons we had told him that we can only listen to certain music and he said oh than you will like this and he played us a song from a contempary christian band called "The Afters and the album is called "light up the sky " it was a good song. anyway that was just a side note, um we really didnt find any new people this week we had lots of people drop us and lots of appointments fell through which meant a lot of biking, we did have lots of interesting people talk to us though. one day we went up to talk to this lady on her porch and a guy who was probably related to her comes up to us and says " your going to hell and so is your church and all that false doctrine you preach every day so leave" and i hadnt even said anything to him except hello that made me pretty mad and i just rode off and waved at him then later this week we stopped to talk to a guy on the sidewalk and he couldnt talk so he used one of thos vibrating throat things haha idk what it is but he puts it up to his throat and starts cussing at us haha and that is the first person who has cussed at me and he cant even talk, so that again made me mad haha ya lots of mean people this week for some reason. also we taught a lady who wants to be a morturist like one of those people that works at mortuarys ha she was kinda creepy too.
ohh ya i almost forgot... im getting transfered! i do know i wont be training cause they wouldnt send me into a new area and train at the same time. so ive been packing all morning hhaha and i have some stuff im gonna send home that i dont use like some clothes that i will never wear. i also got a gel seat from a member that they never use so they gave it to me but who knows i might want a new one so ill let you know if it works. i cant look at the pictures that you put on the memory card the camera wont let me it says empty card.
i will try to find something for alli its hard but i try when i have time, i loved the box that i got it was awesome thank you and im glad that dad loved the cheerwine and the tangy carolina sauce i dont know were im gtting transfered to until wednsday so ill let you know next monday but i think im going to charlston area
well i got to go i love you all and i cant wait tohave a new experience in a new area with diferent companion, who know maybe ill be biking still haha. i love you all and im glad to have you as my family
love Elder Harper

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