Sunday, August 14, 2011

Letter Home Aug 8 2011

Hey there family
I was exhausted this week! we did a lot of biking and it was really really humid so I was sweating nonstop we have been finding a lot of people but mostly dropping them cause they don’t keep commitments and so we cant waste our time with them. we did get to see (name) this week though, we sat down with him at his office and went over kind of the restoration and what he expects to get out of us teaching him, h wants more study material so we hope we can teach him more this week. mom you were asking about (name) the girl that I baptized, she isn’t doing so well we haven’t been able to see her in a long time, she was doing fine until after she went to girls camp and she just got a bad impression somehow of some of the girls and then her mom anti-d her pretty bad and the mom also kicked the grandma out of the house who was living there with them and is a member of the Spanish branch, she was the main good influence on her but now that she isn’t around her it doesn’t help. We have tried to stop by but she isn’t very receptive, she is glad to see us but just not wanting to talk so there is nothing more we can do than just hope and let her home teachers and the youth keep trying. We haven’t had anybody come to church for a long time but yesterday we had a guy come to church who we had contacted earlier in the week. When we first talked to him he asked a lot of questions and had never heard of our church and so we answered them and we talked about like gay marriage and drinking and stuff like that and he just told us that he didn’t think gay marriage was bad so basically at that point we knew we couldn’t teach him and he wasn’t ready so we gave him a card with the church address on it and invited him but he said ok and I wasn’t expecting anything to happen plus id completely forgot about him, but he came to church and stayed the whole time and said he wants to join the church so we are going to try our best to teach him and help him progress so that was probably the most interesting thing that happened this week.

thanks for the package. could you send me some David Osmond music and josh groben and maybe the meet joe black, and also a copy of the apollo 13 soundtrack I love the instrumental stuff on that one, also if you find any cool polyester ties send them cause polyester is the best for sweat cause they don’t get ruined.

got a card from grandpa sirro and he sent me a $100 Wal-Mart gift card hahaha that made me feel so special, and I even got a little teary eyed cause that day I was having a hard day and I was so tired

we have zone  conference tomorrow so that should be good.

Grant for football season work hard and do your absolute best to be the best on the field every day and it will pay off I know I had to go through the same in track and xc

I love you guys so much also could you send some of the pictures on the email in the next package please

Love elder Harper :)

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