Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 19, 2012

March 19, 2012
I Love Transfers!
 So Elder North got transferred to camden and is now companions with elder olsen who was in my district when i first came to aiken, and elder Kerr got put with his mtc companion in walterboro hahaha when they announced it he jumped up and yelled wooooooooohh and I’m glad he is happy. My new companion is elder joshua stever he is from el dorado, California, ha and he is soooo awesome. hahaha he reminds me of dylan, we clicked right away he has about 6 months left but he is great and he loves to work so we are gonna baptize here.  Elder seaver's new companion is elder cramer and he was trained by elder law also haha so thats stikin cool the whole family is in the same zone, but when  they announced it at transfers his name came up as district leader and mine was just normal and I was like whaaaaaat? so i went up and talked to elder riddle one of the assistants and he said "oh ya haha sorry i forgot to call you about that, we released you", so yep I dont need to stress anymore about being DL only 3 months of it but who knows president could call me to be a district leader again cause of my experience of it.  Well anyway here it has been in the mid 80's all week which is really weird cause it just went from cold to hot without any in between so we haven’t had to wear are jackets at all this week and suit season ends conference weekend so hopefully it will stay warm for 2 weeks. The down part is that the pollen has come out and it is nasty it leaves like yellow dust particles everywhere its like yellow chalk dust it gets all over everything and collects on the ground after it rains and I think that’s why i have such bad dizziness cause my allergies are freaking out but i called the mission doctor and he said to get some Claritin D so i have been taking that, it helps a little bit but not much.

I did get the birthday card from carolyn and yes I bought a good seat from walmart it is awesome.

ya i got another suit but it was one that was left in the apartment here and I tried it on and it fit me so it works

Hey dad could you friend request chris kozacek (coach K) on facebook or if you already are friends with him could you ask him his address so I can write him a letter that would be awesome

  Anyway, ya we had a good week i love elder stever.
well i hope you guys have a good week I love this work and everythng about being a missionary, the elders are gonna love me when I get back

Love Elder Harper:)

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