Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 5, 2012
Hey yall,

Sorry I am not going to have a lot of time to write you guys an email, but we had a weird week, haha one funny but gross thing happened, we went with the aiken elders and helped a guy in their ward clean out a shed, when we walked up to the shed there was chicken poop EVERYWHERE!! like all the shelves and boxes and, ughh just think of the worst bathroom accident in the world and it was worse than that. we had to take all the stuff out and set it outside and take the shelves and move them so we could sweep all the dried poop towards the entrance, ugggg it smelled sooooo bad, I am so lucky I brought gloves cause the other 3 elders didn’t bring any hahahaha, mind the people we were doing this for live 30 minutes out into the country in a trailer in the back of the woods, haha.  Way redneck, and they have 27 Chihuahuas and lots of chickens and turkeys just running around. so that was fun we smelled like poop all morning.

we had a zone conference this week and it was soooo good I wish I could tell you everything about it, but we did watch the talk elder holland gave at the MTC recently and it was freaking awesome and during lunch president holm had us all line up for a basketball shooting contest haha.  Elder Wilcock in our district who is from mesa did the underhand granny shot and made it almost every time until the end haha it was so awesome. We also got a brand new car, a brand new 2012 chevy cruze it is pretty cool, not as cool as a ford fusion but still really cool.

We did have a major storm last week and we were on the road when it hit us and it started hailing on our car. and there were some reported tornados 6 miles away in Graniteville so that was crazy. I got a package this week from jessica larsen it was really cool of her, she told me she is working with Trent at her physical therapy place so that’s really cool.
but ya thats about all i have to write this week.

Have a great week love you
Elder Harper :)

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