Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Letter home 2/20/12


So this week was great. I had a great birthday, the Grahams took me out to Golden Corral for dinner it was really good and I have never had it before but lots of good choices. the Grahams are cool they are and older couple but they have a son who is about late 20's who is living in Orlando but is here for a couple months because of health issues, who served his mission in Utah but just hasn’t gotten married yet he got focused on his banking job and now is a flight attendant, he tells us about all the benefits from being a flight attendant he gets to fly to cool places so he just reminds me of Eric ha, anyway ya good birthday. Then on Wednesday we had our district meeting with President Holm he came and spoke to us first and then had to leave to go to a meeting in Augusta. we also had a lesson this week with Isaiah our cool investigator and we taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ but then we had scheduled his interview for Saturday and he couldn’t come after waiting for him for 2 hours and so we told the zone leaders but they never got our message and they pulled up in the parking lot but it was all good cause they have lots of miles, then Elder Law and Elder isrealsen came and had some dinner with us at our apartment and then left to go back to Augusta but I had Elder Law read a letter I got from xxx in boiling springs and it was really depressing cause she said she doesn’t feel like she belongs in our church so ya that was sad for both of us.

I did wear my tie on my birthday but since our District meeting wasn’t on Tuesday like it normally is it was all good but I did wear the other tie to the meeting and I love it, it has a couple little pulls in it but its ok I clipped them off.

woow Chelsea is getting married well I was wondering when she would cause she has been waiting for a long time.

The girl from my track team that did hurdles. hmmm maybe Abby Rose but I think she has dark brown hair and she said that she was going to some college in Texas but hmm i cant remember who it is you are talking about maybe you could look in my year book or something haha.
if Dylan gets me a jersey I don’t care what team, what ever he wants is fine by me. 

haha grant is so funny, I can tell he has grown up a lot since i left. and has a lot more confidence cause I would never wear that green vest to a dance ugghh it looks kinda cool though with the adidas shirt. grant the cologne is meant to be used sparingly although it is very nice, elder rasmussen had it and I used it a couple times.

man I have never seen dad conduct and I had to miss it that sounds like a funny story though at church

well I have to go but I will talk to you later
sorry its a little short email but anyway love you guys
have a great week the church is true and the book is blue

Love Elder Harper 

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