Saturday, February 18, 2012

20 years old in 20 degree weather

ya so when we woke up this morning we checked the weather and it said it was 18 degrees outside and we looked in the parking lot and there was ice on all the cars. Haha it was freezing and its the coldest it has been all winter, the weather here is weird. so this week was pretty sweet on tuesday at our District meeting I read them all the part in your email last week dad where you talked about how far I am in my mission and how it feels to be out this long and afterward elder wilcock who is going home in a month said "thanks for reading that I really need it" I knew it was going to inspire our district and we needed some inspiration and we doubled the numbers we had this week in every catagory as a district combined, and I know it is because we have some experience and hard working elders in our district now and we had more faith and focused on hitting our goals, we had a goal for 9 people at church as a district and we got 7 which was way better then last week, even though me and elder north were the only ones to not have someone at church. Anyways we had a great week and elder law was so happy on the phone last night he was like "what did you do man? whatever it is keep doing it" ya it made me happy too. we also had a sweet lesson with a less active on wednesday after coordination and we brought our RM assistant ward mission leader went with us (he is also the stake presidents son and he is super cool, reminds me of dylan) and the less active invited his 2 friends over for the lesson cause they had questions about deep doctrine stuff mostly hahah it was fun, we all learned lots of stuff the one friend jason who had most of the questions and the other miriam who was agirl just kind of listened the whole time but Robert who is the less active started having epiphany's during the lesson and was teaching his friend haha it was so cool and Robert has been studyin and praying and has received answers to his prayers its really cool to see him progress, tonight we are teaching them all again tonight the restoration so that should be awesome since jason said that all his questions revolved around why there are so many church's on the earth haha we were like well we will tell you next time haha so ya it was really cool.
so ya I got your package I havent opened any presents yet but I am gonna open some today and some tomorrow, i also found out the President Holm is coming to my district meeting on wednsday and is gonna take some time to speak haha talk about being nervous and not wanting to mess up haha im exctied but also just kind of nervous ha it will be great though. so I will probably get a picture with president for my birthday wearing my tie that im supposed to wear I will wear it both days.
ya today we are going to go to firehouse subs for lunch, its like the best sub place they have such good hot subs
WHATTTTT!!!!! ALIESE IS GETTING MARRIED :O oh my gosh that was totally un expected woooow, I dont know what to think haha all my friends are getting married and so fast, i wonder whos gonna be next?
Alli dont worry about the songs you are playing, just play your best and western theme isnt bad its cool, I miss you a lot and i will get to talk to you soon in may.
also something cool i found out one of our ward missionaries bro brian dougall he was on the food channel challenge and won for his chocolate cake desert look him up on the website and also i need grandma harpers info so i can give ti to sister wheatley who knows grandma from high school 
well ya thats all for this week it was good and I still cant beleive aliese is getting married haha that blows my mind, thinking I went to homecomeing with her haha.
well have a great week I lvoe you guys and thanks for the birthday package its gonna be a great 20th in the mission field 
love Elder Kelly Harper
ps- tell lindsey and aliese i say congradulations :)

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