Monday, February 6, 2012

Letter home 2/6/12

Febuary 6, 2012
So yes transfers happened this week and we got elder seaver from orem, utah as elder kerr's new companion and they also came out together in the MTC and stayed in the same room so they know each other very well and love it, next elder wilcock is elder taetakua's new companion, elder wilcock is on his last transfer, he goes home in 6 weeks and he is from Arizona I think and is really cool.  He just got released as a zone leader in Greenville, he is funny too. I love our district now, we have some good strength and experience that is going to really help us. Elder seaver  cant bike because of medical stuff so we now have 2 cars and we got the chevy malibu from myrtle beach, but we only have 600 miles this month cause it will be sold next month so we will have to bike a little bit. I also found out that elder seaver is friends with a girl who knows elizabeth cracroft , ha so that was kinda cool. So yesterday we had a crazy day we got a call in the morning and we had to skip PEC  to go give a lady a blessing in the hospital who just moved to our ward.  We went to see her and she knew a lot about the church and told us she served a mission in Argentina and we gave her a blessing cause she had some huge thing on the side of her head. Later she kept calling us to get phone numbers of people in the ward and then we found out that she had checked herself out of the hospital and was going to the aiken ward at 1pm. Later we went to see our bishop and his wife said that he had taken the lady to university hospital in augusta and that they found out that she isn’t a member and that she was scamming us, and looking back on when we were visiting her, it didn’t really feel right and I didn’t feel the spirit there with her and now I know why, so ya that was weird. But the good thing that happened yesterday is that we did have an investigator come to church and he loved it, and we are teaching him on Thursday so that’s sweet. We also taught a less active 21 year old who our assistant Ward Mission Leader ( who got back from his mission last year) grew up with and he went with us right after church. Robert, who is the less active said that he prayed about the questions he had and said he got an answer and it made sense to him and we talked about a lot of confusing doctrines mostly on the plan of salvation but he loved it all and we all learned a lot. so ya its been good.
So something funny that happened last night, we just switched our apartment around so all our beds are in the living room and our study desks are in separate rooms so we can have better studies and last night at about 5am  my bed had been shifted a little from me moving around and I fell off and the mattress flipped up and fell on me, hahahaha! Elder seaver who is next to me started laughing but tried to hold it in and after we all had gotten up and said prayers later he couldn’t stop laughing, haha it was funny.  I also hit my head on elder norths wooden bed frame. The pizza was good and it lasted us a couple days cause we didn’t eat it all that night but ya thanks for that and the pizza was right on time too.

hahaha ALL HAIL ZEE NEW YORK GIANTS!!  haha i knew they would win

Ya dad, I have come to that point on my mission that you are talking about, where lots of things back home don’t matter and I just want to focus and get the work done and is a lot more fun now, then it was before cause I have learned so much, and I’m not still trying to memorize what the first lesson says, but I am trying to focus on what I can do to find more investigators and be as productive and effective as possible, its been good.

Ya mom I bought a new bike seat cause the other one i had was just the original trek bike seat that was as old as the bike and the seat cover was not working I got sick of it so i bought a new seat and now after I have used it for a couple days I dont like the new one I bought so im going to return it and get a different one that I know is comfortable haha sorry for the confusion, and when I took off the old seat I saw that it was really messed up and bent.

dad you need to come to south carolina and drive, you will find out the drivers are 10 times worse here.

mom if you need to send some pictures of my mission with people that you dont know so I can write names on the back of the pictures for you, you can do that and ill send them back. 

mom just send my birthday box to the mission address,  the banana bread was really good it made me so happy

oh my gosh kevin and seth and taylor????!!!! What! haha I was not expecting that at all kevin is getting married fast. and I don’t think I know brenda strong. but you should send me a picture of them or something.

ooh i just had the idea of you guys getting a in-n-out burger and sending it to me but I don’t know if that would actually work and i kind of want to do the whole 2 years without an in-n-out burger so don’t do anything that was just an idea haha.

well hope you guys have a great week we are doing great and I cant wait to get a letter from this mysterious girl that kristan is setting me up with haha anyway thanks for being the best family ever ha and only!
 love you guys

Love Elder Harper

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