Friday, February 3, 2012

Letter home 1/23/12

ya soo it has been pretty cold this week and also it has rained like 5 days in a row this week ahahaha i dont know where it all comes from, i had exchanges on tuesday with elder isrealsen who is elder laws companion and also ZL he is a cool guy loves baseball and he kinda looks like dylan but just with blonde hair, he has the same thick glasses that dylan has right now. hes cool but hes one of those guys who kinda can be a little fake sometimes and im just like why do you have to act fake, just be yourself. we also this week found lots of cool people one lady we knocked into cause the less active next door wasnt home and we knocked on her trailer and she asked us to sit on her porch and she was super humble and open, she is about in her mid 60's and she kinda reminds me of wanda scruggs and she also has some health problems but she talks like her and stuff ha i thought it was weird, she was supposed to come to church but she ended up in the hospital so she couldnt come and that was a bummer cause she really wanted to come. also something crazy that happened on wednsday night, the aiken elders, elder dixon and elder kerr went to contact a media referral and it was about a 30 minute drive away and they went to a way sketchy place in the back of the woods to a trailer and went inside and talked to this guy who is missing his leg and his toes on the other and they were their for like an hour and a half and he kept telling them all this controversial stuff and about how he hates jews and stuff and how he hates interracial marriage and kept telling them that the bible says that interracial marriage is the worst sin and then later on as they were driving back with the member couple that took them to his house, the wife told them that they just talked to August Kreis the leader of the Arian nation aka ( neo-nazis and kkk and all those people) and that he was on the jerry springer show and got kicked off for offending jerry springer and then they realized who they had just spent an hour and a half with and they got super scared and freaked out hahaha so ya thats the craziest story i have heard on my mission and this guy lives 30 minutes away from aiken south carolina  hahaha. then friday i was pretty sick and i had some sort of stomach virus i threw up and stayed in all day haha not fun, but then on saturday we helped a family in our ward move into their house and it was raining while we were doing it haha then after that we went to the stake center and helped out with the missionary training experience for the youth, president holm spoke at it and a couple of the companionships got to help out in the classes that they had, it was cool getting to teach the youth about missionary work and how to be missionaries now while they are in school, and thats pretty much how the week went. 

so the arsenal jersey is sweet, and grant no i will always win at PGR sorry haha, i am the master at that game, but i will still play you and give you a chance. It was great to hear about you bearing your testimony at youth conference, now you need to read the book of mormon all the way through by the time i get home, that is my challenge to you and you could even read it 2 or 3 times be for e i come back, that is my goal to i want to read it 3 times before i come home and so i think it would be good for you cause i never really read it that much before i left so take some time instead of reading the cat books and read the book of mormon it will help so much and increase your testimony of the gospel.

ya you guys could totally order pizza for us but i dont know when cause our nights are kinda crammed but maybe next week, transfer calls are on saturday and elder dixon has been here for 6 months so he probably will be leaving but we keep telling him that hes gonna stay haha you guys should get a picture with elder dennison if possible, elder north will probably be staying cause this is only his second transfer here.

i know the videos are pretty funny, some of them probably cut out the sound cause i kept zooming in and out but we had a great district in blythewood it was fun, elder mears cracks me up.

i dont need any stamps or envelopes im good, but ya being a district leader has been good, kinda frustrating at times cause you have to help your other elders with their investigators when you really know nothing about them and you hope that your district will listen to you and take your advice but they dont sometimes and its hard but ive tried to not worry about it and just let them do there own thing and just try to be an example to them cause all of them are under 6 months and are pretty inexperienced so they dont really know a lot but its going well

well i got to go so i will talk to you guys later but for my birthday i dont really want much cause I really dont want a lot of stuff so you guys could send snacks and stuff though like moms banana bread and zucchini bread ha i cant spell that, and also some more differin stuff and also some red scripture marking led refills for my multi color pencil, you can get those at deseret book

well i am doing great love you guys

Love Elder Harper:)

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