Friday, February 3, 2012

Letter home 1/30/12

well this week was pretty jam packed. we had interviews on tuesday with president holm and some good trainings from the assistants and president. he told us he was one of the people that helped develop the missionary planner and how it is designed for us to fit more into our day then before and help us be more effective  missionaries then they were like 8 to 10 years ago.  He also told us if you have any regrets or feel like you haven’t been your best, or you messed up that we need to draw a line in the sand, and from today on you be the best missionary and be the best you can be and don’t worry about the past, don’t carry yesterdays problems into today and that really inspired me cause I sometimes feel like I have to be perfect as a missionary and if I am not baptizing as many people, that I am not being a good missionary. its hard sometimes not to beat yourself up and feel bad especially when i know i am not being disobedient and now as a district leader I am accountable for the whole district and lots of stuff gets put on my shoulders so it has been hard the past couple weeks especially since the other elders who are in our apartment haven’t been getting along and they are both very young. So ya its been a rough 6 weeks in some ways but hopefully this next transfer we will get some elders who have some experience and can help me out.  I do love elder dixon he is a great guy and really wants to work hard, but yes we got transfer calls and elder dixon is leaving he has been here for 6 months I’m going to miss him and also elder olsen who is in north augusta is also leaving after being there for 6 months and they were mtc companions I am really going to miss elder olsen he is like the only one that likes sports haha so I could relate to him and talk about it, and he is a great missionary he is gonna be a leader soon, but elder north and I are staying.
I had dinner this week with the wheatleys sister wheatley (kathleen) knows grandma harper and i am gonna give her grandmas info and kathleen also knows grandma smith.
we just found out that another police officer was killed this week and that is the second time in 6 weeks and they haven’t had a cop killed in almost 50 years and they have had 2 in a month so that is the big news here. We had a broadcast from salt lake for stake conference this week and elder Gonzalez and elder Ballard spoke which was really cool and it was only for the 48 stakes in Georgia, Florida and South Carolina it was cool, then after someone asked us to give a blessing to his wife in the parking lot but she was in the van and didn’t feel like getting out so we had to get in the back of the van and stand bent over as we gave her the blessing haha I have never done one like that before but it was cool.

i saw the picture of elder dennison and i swear all the missionaries that come to our ward always look older then the ones that are in my mission and i dont know why maybe cause they are always bigger and taller, that’s cool now that we have 3 in the ward and they are visa waiters. So the sad news is elder boyd who i served with up in boiling springs who knows lindsey blaser is going home also and also elder nelson who was my zone leader there and trained elder law is going home so its a sad week for me:(

so dad to answer some questions our teaching pool has been a little small we had a bunch of cool people that we found but one who was Rose has been in the hospital for a while and we don’t know what happened to her if she is ok or not, then another guy bryant has been working and is never home and Isiah who we put on date didn’t come to church cause he had  lots of pressure from his dad who doesn’t agree with us and so we stopped by at night yesterday and got him to still come to an appointment on thursday so we need some new people to teach. Georgiana has been doing great in boiling springs.

 Everything has been going good i lately have been thinking about how long i have been out and can’t believe it’s been this long it will be a year in about 6 weeks and I have so little time left i want to be the best i can. Also i hope grant will take my challenge at reading the book of mormon at least 2 times before i get home and to read it like a book so he can understand it, cause I would have loved it if i had done that but I just didn’t know, and you guys especially dad should try to help the missionaries as much as possible cause being a missionary is hard, so ask them how you can help them and the work will progress even faster and also offer to have lessons at our house that also is a blessing when members offer to have investigators over, so that’s a little tid bit of info for you guys and grant should go out with the elders as much as possible when he is a priest. How is tanner doing? 

sorry i don’t have much more to say but i kind of wrote a lot hahaha but I will talk to you guys later, thanks for the memory card and pad

hope you guys have a great week
Love Elder Harper :)

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