Monday, March 19, 2012

March 12, 2012

Crazy Monday,
Soooo, i really don’t have much time again this week to e-mail. We sat down in the family history center in the church building and as I was about to start this guy named Will walks in asking for a preacher cause he needs more guidence in his life and he has been struggling, so we were like well you have come to the right place. We had to stop e-mailing and teach him for about 30 minutes and we told him about the restoration and the plan of salvation cause he said his wife died a little while ago and he wants to see her again, thats why he hasnt just killed himself cause he knows if he does he wont be able to. So we invited him to be baptized on april 7 and he lives in the aiken ward area so elder seaver will be teaching him. Ohh, ya so transfers, elder north is leaving and elder kerr is also leaving he got here at the same time as me, so elder seaver and I are staying, elder law is also staying as zone leader, so i am happy, I really hope i get a cool companion who will work well with me and will want to go do hard work. I got sick on Thursday and felt like I had to throw up and when  i did it was just like water but then I was just dizzy all day and have been since but not as dizzy it feels like I’ve been spinning around for 30 seconds and i am off balance but its not as bad now, I talked to the mission doctor and he said its just a virus that should go away soon. we also went to north augusta which is right on the border of SC and georgia on the SC side  for exchanges I worked with Elder Wilcock who is going home on wednesday and he lives in gilbert so maybe you could go to his homecoming haha i dont know, he is such a cool guy.

well it was good to hear from you guys grant looks like you are doing great with discus and shot put, keep getting stronger and live in the weight room. i cant wait to work out with you when I get back to help you prepare for you senior football season.

So the cardinals are having peyton manning try out for the team? that would be sweet if he played for us
Any other sports updates?
 I will send the memory card today I wanted to take a couple more pics.
 So dylan goes home in like almost 3 months haha thats crazy and I will have not much time left when he goes home ahhh my mind is blown away on how fast it has gone.
you need to ask aunt kristan about that girl that she said that she was gonna have start writing me cause I haven’t gotten a letter from her and its been like 3 or 4 weeks, is she going to write me? haha

well that’s basically all I can remember to write so our week was crazy and I love missionary work its such a great feeling to be helping people and even when they don’t know what we believe or they maybe aren’t interested in learning we might say a prayer with them and it gives me peace and hopefully it also give them peace and guidance to lead them to the truth, even those times just testify to me of the truth of the things that we believe and that this is jesus christ one true church, and that everything that we believe and the commandments that we have are here to help us progress so we can live with God again, I love it so much and I want everyone to know its true.
Have a freaking awesome week love you guys
Elder Harper:)

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