Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hey everyone
 So something cool,  President Holm announced on our monthly mission conference call that Elder Bednar is visiting our mission on Nov 7 hahah that’s AWESOME, I’m so excited. For some reason he has become my favorite apostle and I honestly think he'll be the prophet soon. So that’s cool, he came to your stake conference and now he’s coming to my mission, I’ll try and get a picture with him!
(the guy next to me is using the scriptures on haha and I just gave him a card from
So this week was really up and really down.  Elder lee got sick on Wednesday and was super contagious so we stayed in all day and then we worked on Thursday, and then Friday he was feeling worse so we stayed in till 4 when we went down to Aynor to have coordination and dinner with bro Allen our mission leader and we went out with him for the rest of the night, and then we also met this lady who told us that she had a dream and a man came to her and told her that 2 men would come and teach her about the truth haha that was crazy and so we taught her the restoration and then we went back and found out she has memory issues so were gonna have to work with that, but its a pretty cool story to tell.

 So I didn’t tell you guys last week but elder seaver is my new zone leader hahaha him and elder  abankwa, the black elder from Ghana.  Man, I was pretty excited when I heard that and I saw him at stake conference yesterday and gave him a big hug, its so weird to think he’s my zone leader but he will be a great one.

Hahaha I love grants costume that’s stinkin awesome.

Bummer that the Cards lost but they are better then before, who is RB other then beanie wells?
I hope we can throw a beat down on Oregon, let me know what happens

 Yes just send me a note in the mail on who would be the best to vote for all the other people cause, haha I have no idea on any of this stuff

hey dad for the pizza the only place I know is pizza hut in marion  and you can do it on Wednesday so have them drop it off at 5.

Well that’s all I have this week. Sorry not as much as I would like to write just short on time
Love Elder Harper :)

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