Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

Well hey there everybody,
      Wow general conference was awesome probably the best part of the week, not that the week was bad but just not as good as conference haha. One thing that was cool this week is that since our district of us and the Conway elders hit our district baptismal goal for September, we got to go have dinner at the mission home with president and sister Holm and the assistants, that was really cool and then president gave us a little training about how to have happiness and how in order to have happiness you can’t just focus on happiness, it starts first with a vision and then so forth there are things you need to do in between vision and happiness that help you achieve happiness, and of coarse the gospel is a part of it. The rest of the week, other then that was okay haha nothing really awesome happened. We had lots of people who said they were gonna come to the church and watch conference but they didn’t come so that was a big bummer but i guess you can only invite people and can’t force them to come even though some times you really want to cause you know its gonna help them so much, that’s probably the hardest thing about Marion is finding people who will actually do what they say they will. We find so many cool people who are interested but they don’t really have too much real intent beyond the interest.  I think its mostly because most of them have been living here for so long they have tunnel vision and they can’t see that there is so much more out there for them, cause honestly if I grew up here in Marion my whole life I would feel the same way, that this is all there is, and there is so much bad stuff here which makes it worse.  It depresses me sometimes, but on the more positive side of things, transfers! So when we were at the mission home president talked to Elder Lee and I in his office and told us we would be together another transfer so that was exciting news and elder Denny will be training a new missionary next transfer so elder Brinkerhoff is leaving.

My favorite talk of all of conference was probably elder Bednars talk on how we can have a strong testimony and still not be converted, but those who have only a testimony can fall away from the church, but those who have a testimony and are converted will not fall away.  Believe it or not I heard the talk that elder Holland gave, it was very similar to one he gave in the mtc, we have that one on video that president Holm gave all the companionship's to be able to watch, so that was cool.

Well dad looks like you did a little better than last year, and I still hold the record from 2 years ago with 3:40 for the marathon, cause scott wynn only got 3:45.
 No, I’m good on a suit for now I’m using my black one that i used last year. It’s not too torn up, but it will be by the time I come home, so we will have to go suit shopping when I get back. Yes, sign me up for St. George.

Well I don’t know what else to write haha, oh yeah we haven’t really done much on p-days lately then just be lazy in the apartment, but I want to go play basketball at the church today so we will do that, there really isn’t anything to do here haha, and I haven’t gotten to many letters lately but I did get a couple from Gaby a couple weeks ago.

So that’s all I have for you guys this week.
Love Elder Harper:)

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