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February 18, 2013
Hey fam,
 Well this week has been really hard for me, so we got sisters in our ward now along with us and so we had to give them our car and we got put on bikes full time, which I really don’t mind at all but it doesn’t help that as soon as we did that it has been the coldest week all winter and not just by a little, but a lot. It has normally been 50 at night, and this week, but mostly saturday and sunday it got down to like 38-43 degrees, and it has also been really humid because it rained on Saturday and then that night after we were asleep it snowed, hahah crazy. It was only a little flurry of snow so it didn’t stick but the next morning on top of the cars it froze so there was little specks of white. So yea, we have been freezing our buns off on our bikes. Saturday night we had an interesting experience we talked to this guy who was trying to prove the book of mormon false by saying all this stuff about how the book of mormon says we are saved by grace after all we can do and that the bible in Ephesians 2 says that its not our works but grace alone that saves us and then trying to tell us that Joseph smith wasn’t a prophet because some of the things he prophesied didn’t happen, and he was good he knew a lot of stuff,  and after 30 minutes of listening to him and trying to tactfully end the conversation, I just boldly told him he is wrong and that I know the book of mormon is true and a couple other things and I was like you have a nice day. I also said something to him  and he like didn’t know what to say he was baffled, ha I felt way good cause then he came up with a response that wasn’t very good and the whole time we were freezing cause we were trying to get into Wal-Mart to buy some gloves and beanies. It’s just been hard for me this week having to deal with all this stuff, trying to get our biking figured out. But it was cool at church everything that the guy argued with us about was talked about at church and it just strengthened my faith,
     Cool story though, last night on our way back home last night we had a 25 minute bike ride to do, but I knew since elder moore is not as fast and since it was really cold that it would take about 45 minutes so we left in time to get there a little after 9 and 8 minutes later my back tire goes flat. So I pump it up fast and we start riding again and then it goes flat 6 minutes later, I do the same and 4 minutes later it goes flat, so I got off and ran the bike to the next stop light and I was praying that it would stay inflated the rest of the ride which was longer then what we had just gone and I pumped it up as fast as I could and the tire was as hard as a rock and we rode the whole way in 20 minutes and it stayed pumped up the whole time, and we got back right at 9 so I could get numbers in. coincidence? I think not.  Oh yeah, and I got called to be a district leader again and my whole district is sisters, ha I’ve never had that before and it doesn’t happen that often

  For my birthday, me and elder moore went to chipotle for dinner, it was good.

 Wooow dad you are like really skinny now you have like no belly anymore, (elder Brown says you look like you just got out of the holocaust) haha at least that’s what the picture make you look like  

Yes, elder brown is in my apartment and the apartment stayed the same the whole zone pretty much stayed the same except for those who went home which was only 2 elders so no companionship change other then the 2 new sister in our ward

Yes, I got my package okay, got it today it came a little late.
I will send thank you notes to people, ps, try to keep as much stuff at home as you can so I don’t have to lug it home with me

Those are some cool mission calls they got.

Well, that’s all I have this week
Love Elder Harper:)

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