Monday, February 25, 2013

pedal pedal pedal....pedal pedal pedal pedal

Monday, February 25, 2013
Hey there fam,
 Well this week was better then last week, even though we didn’t really teach much but we were able to talk to a lot of people and helped a lot of people, like on Thursday night it was about 8:56 and we were at the last intersection before we go into our apartments and its a really busy one where there are a lot of accidents.  This guys big white cargo van ran out of gas right in the intersection so we were just waiting for the light to turn green and I said to elder Moore, quick put your bike on the side, so we chucked our helmets and bikes and helped this guy push his van to the gas station right there, ha that thing was heaaaavy!! then he offered to buy us some drinks but we said know we do this for free and we told him who we were and he said that we could come by and teach him so we are gonna go by some time and teach him. We have been hauling it on our bikes, yesterday we went to this road that took about and hour to bike, elder Moore isn’t as fast as me but that’s okay he does really good for not biking much in his life, but that was a killer ride. We had stake conference yesterday and it was great we had the (R)’s there and they enjoyed it, ha we also had dinner with them this week and they are so awesome, they are like into the doctrine and covenants and they just love to study especially (B) he is loving the pearl of great price and he says a lot of it makes sense, plus he is very knowledgeable when it comes to biblical stuff. He has lots of books that talk about biblical or religious stuff like one about giants, ha that one is interesting. Today we might be taking a tour of the air force base and also get to go into a c-17 carrier plane and we are gonna get some real tacos from a mexican tienda.

Well, Dad  I’m excited that you get to go through Spartanburg today, you should just drive up highway 9 into Boiling Springs for a little bit and you’ll see what I biked for 4 months, i would tell you to go the A’s home (the ones from AZ) but i cant remember their address but you could go see the church or my apartment on, old furnace rd. I really want to go to the Beacon, I never got to eat there.

So it is way crazy to hear about all the new missions and the changes in missions, I think its crazy that they split the mesa mission into 3 missions and created a Scottsdale one, I never even thought we had enough members to do that but I guess we do.  
Thanks for the super TRUNKY package

Well that’s all I got for you guys this week,
 Elder Harper :)

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