Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lots of changes

Monday, February 4, 2013
Well don’t let the title scare you, only a couple things have changed in our ward here. There are a couple families moving out and we have some new ones moving in, our ward mission leader bro. ( C )got released, he is in the air force and he is going to have a crazy work schedule soon and might even be moving soon, but they don’t know, i was bummed cause he is really good at doing his job and getting across to the ward what needs to happen, but we had one of our ward missionaries get assigned as the ward mission leader his name is bro (L), he and his wife have only been in the ward for like 6 months and he is 23 years old and his wife is like 21 hahaha way young, but he is gonna be awesome, he really has a drive to do his best. He works on engines for the C-17's that always land and take off here from the air force base and the ward called the( R)’s to be ward missionaries for 6 months, that’s pretty awesome. We were over at their house last night answering gospel questions and showing them preach my gospel and what it’s for, they act like long time members, ha I can’t wait to come back and see them get sealed in the temple in a year. So this week we taught (S) again he is doing great he has kept all his reading assignments and he really likes what we teach. He didn’t come to church yesterday, he told us he couldn’t come for some reason, he didn’t tell us why but I’m sure it was legit, we also taught (L) this week and we read with him in alma 36 about alma telling his conversion story, and we told him how he needs to pray and read the book of mormon and that will be how he gets his answer and so he said to text him every day with a scripture to read so that he will remember to read, he also didn’t come to church cause his girlfriends grandma died and he went to be with her. Then we got a referral from a member in our ward and we went and taught them yesterday with bro ( C) and they are cool, they know they need to change and that this is something that can change their life for the better. The husband has had anger management issues and its been hard on their marriage, their names are (J) and (A), (A) is from guam and they accepted to be baptized on feb 23rd also. I don’t know why the lord is blessing us with so many people to baptize but I know that as you keep the commandments and endure with faith and patience the lord blesses you when you least expect, it sometimes is at the very end but even more reason to keep the commandments to the end. My testimony has grown so much over the past 2 weeks, especially thinking that I don’t have time to just go through the motions and sit back and learn, like at the beginning of my mission. I am to be the most engaged as I can, its crunch time with only 6 weeks left including this week.

Charleston was awesome last week. We got to see the angel oak and got to walk on the pier and see the ocean yeahhhh, i loved the smell of the ocean it was a bit cold but still awesome and we got to go to the battery and the market, there is some cool stuff there. We also went to a place called the pepper palace and they have the hottest hot sauce in the universe they suggest one drop for every 4 gallons of food and I dipped a tooth pick in it and touch the end to my tongue and it burned for about 30 minutes after, ha it was way hot.

So who won the superbowl? I was going for the Ravens! joe flacco and ray lewis

Ryan is going to Indonesia, that’s not what i was expecting, that’s cool though.

We got the pizza it was way good, I liked the toppings and I’ve never had them before

Well, that’s all i got this week. Thanks for the letters hope you have a great week.
 Elder Harper:)

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