Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cold in Charleston!

Monday January 28, 2013
Hey family,
 So this might be a short email because we are going down to historical downtown Charleston today with elder hanson and brown and one of our awesome members nate (A). I’m so excited to go see all the cool stuff down there. Well we had a great ending to our week, for some reason it seems we have a slow start to our week and then it gets better the last, like 4 days, which i don’t mind, I just wish that everyday it was like that, but sometimes that’s just how it works. So we went out with a ward missionary and we saw 3 former investigators with him that we haven’t been able to see in a while. First, is (L) we taught him for a while when elder lee was still here and then he slowly just fell off the map, but we went over with brother (N) and tried to find out if this is what he wants to do and he said he really does he has just been unable to really do anything and he has been a little lazy, so we recommitted him to read the book of mormon and pray about it and bro (N) shared his testimony and his conversion story when he was about 20 and how the church and gospel have changed him.  I think it really helped (L) realize what this could do for him, he couldn’t come to church but we are gonna commit him to be there next week, we also saw the (M’s) after a long time and we had a great lesson also bro (N) again was  awesome and shared his testimony and said, I will give you some money for gas so that you can get to church cause that has been a major issue is that they have no income and can’t drive many places cause gas is too expensive, so they came but they didn’t come to our ward they came to the goose creek ward at 1 instead, haha I guess they forgot the time changed. Then last night we went over to a less active family's house named the (B’s) and we taught one of the daughters boyfriends named (S) he is a cool tall black dude and he plays basketball and was in the army but he is a month younger then me, haha that was weird to find out, anyway we taught him the plan of salvation and he loved it and even told us that he had a brother die and wanted to know where his brother is and when we told him about the temple and how he could see his brother in heaven, he really wants that and he accepted to be baptized on February 16, ha 2 days after my birthday that will be exciting. He said he will do anything necessary. So that was our wonderful week. Elder moore is getting the hang of things more, especially in teaching he taught most of the lesson last night to (S), it was awesome.

That’s way cool to hear about the basketball being on ESPN and on the news paper even cooler a mormon was on the front page, go did they win?

Yes mom, sorry i didn’t send the memory card again cause i forgot my camera when we went to walmart so I will be sending it today for sure
Well, that’s all I got
Love you guys, have a great week
Love Elder Harper

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