Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 14, 2013

Well my first full week training Elder Moore went well. We had all types of experiences, we met some very nice people and met some very mean people, haha one even pulled out a baseball bat on us and threatened us and told us to leave or he would call the cops, that was an exciting one. The best part though was that I got to baptize (B) and (T) and then Elder Moore confirmed them both in sacrament, they are gonna be such great members and during church they participated even more than they normally do. We have really been working on finding new investigators because we are low on people to teach, but like always when you are obedient and doing your best and when you have an awesome ward, someone always wants to be taught.  We had a young single girl who came up to us and told us her boyfriend has expressed interest in learning what we believe and we have met him a couple times, he’s way nice so I would love to be able to teach him. This week has been crazy, the zone leaders car had to go into the shop so we have been sharing our car and biking and we have had to do lots of emergency pick ups and drop offs with them. Elder Moore is doing great he has been coming out of his shell a lot this week. It’s been warm here the past 4 days and we have been able to take our suit coats off, its been nice. I love training and I wish I could have done it more, but I think elder Moore will be glad he got me as his trainer, a legacy will be left with him and he will do great things.
 Man, bummed to hear about Wisenhunt, I really liked him I think Graves was the problem he didn’t know a whole lot. Why are they trying to trade Upton? they just start dealing off all of our stars first Reynolds then Upton.
Sounds like ASU is doing great though and they are improving i guess Kelly must be a pretty solid QB. I call coyotes to the playoffs again, the cup is ours this year.

I told elder Moore about his email, so he figured it out.

When I get back I am gonna have to run and work out like crazy cause my cardio fitness is wayyyy down, I’m keeping good weight though.
I’m sending that memory card today, mom don’t worry.
Grant how’s the book of mormon reading going?? got to be done by March 21!

Well hope you have a great week, pray that we will find some awesome people
Love Elder Harper:)

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