Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 21, 2013

Hey y’all,
 Well this week was good, we had a missionary fireside with president holm that we invited a bunch of people to, it was great, we had a couple people come including the (R's) and a less active lady that we’ve been trying to get to come to something, so that was good but she didn’t come to church so that was a bummer. The day of the fireside and before we went out in a 3 pack with one of the AP's elder lash (he knows luke hansen and went to east high with him) and we had some good lessons and taught a bunch, it was great. There is a less active lady that has started coming back because her dad, who actually lives in az, has been talking to her about the church and she has come 2 weeks in a row and we went over and read out of the book of mormon with her. It is great to see people come back and their lives just change for the better and they are so much happier. We are gonna be teaching her, and a couple other members who are returning to activity, the discussions again so that they have a better understanding of the gospel, I’m excited. Also, this week elder moore and I have been learning about family history work and how it can be used to reactivate and retain new members and we watched some videos about missionaries who have done it and they have had lots of success and so we really want to try doing it more to see how it works. Especially here, there are lots of members but we only have 23% activity in our ward and we are working really closely with our elders quorum president and our young men’s president. We have some great members here and a good ward mission leader. I’m loving it out here, we have been struggling with finding people, but lots of good stuff is happening in other places, that i think will affect our teaching. We just have to keep doing what we know to do

 Sorry mom, I did not send the memory card cause I wanted to print out some pictures and the picture thing at walmart was not working so I decide to wait till this week to send it so I could print out some pictures.

 Yes, I got your small box along with your letter it was good and the banana bread is good i haven’t tried the other stuff yet.

Love all the cars, and excited about all the changes with the cards, and suns, hopefully the suns will turn it around and yotes, will be good again.

Well, I’m glad everything is going great, grant good job on wanting to prepare early for your mission, i hope you do a better job then i did and hope your finishing that book of mormon.

Have a great week
Love Elder Harper:)

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