Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years

Monday, December 31, 2012
 Man, so we had a great week. Christmas was filling and I mean literally. We had 3 meals and by the end of the night i felt like a blueberry, my stomach was so full you could have rolled me home, and then the next day we had a big Filipino dinner with a less active and his daughter they are from Hawaii, it was way good. Loved all the presents and even the junk food that I will eat even though, I’m trying not to gain anymore weight, well ill just have to be tactful. I also spoke in sacrament the Sunday before Christmas about what its like to serve a mission during Christmas, and I realized how ive come to truly learn what Christmas is all about and how Christ is the center and everything else is nice that is added to it, but not the important stuff, but that Christmas, like the temple has lots of symbolism and that is still why we do the gifts and everything else. (S) finally got baptized, she showed up a little late and we practiced how we were gonna do the baptism and to hold on to my arm and when we actually did it she freaked out and let go of my arms and she is a bigger girl so, i like had to hold her with one arm and push her down with my other and even though im strong I had to really work to get her up, hahaha and she swallowed a bunch of water, she was good though. Sooo, i bet your wondering the big news, so elder lee is getting transferred and president assigned me to train for my last 2 transfers, so pray that i get a good new greenie Its crazy to think that im in my last area, with my last companion, it felt like this time would never come. that’s way cool stuff you told me about albert choules, and that's sweet that elder oaks spoke at the funeral wish I could have been there.

Well we were bummed we didn’t get to bowl last week but we are going today and we are gonna do it for like 4 hours, its gonna be sweet and then im taking everyone in our apartment out to texas road house for dinner and then we have to be in the apartment by 8.

I don't know what else to say.
It would be way cool to have grandma speak on the same day as me and have the whole family there

love you guys
Elder Harper:)

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