Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Greeeenie Time!

January, 7 2013
 So you guys are all probably wanting to know who my new trainee is, his name is Elder Preston Moore he is from New Mexico. He is a great guy, he talks a lot and he has a great desire to be out here on a mission and really loves it. It’s interesting now being on the other side as the trainer. It’s weird sometimes as we are doing our companion studies, I’ll just like flashback to when I was with elder law in our boiling springs apartment and how young I was and how smart i thought he was. I was like, man if I could ever know as much as him, or be as good as him, and then now I know that it all comes from experience, and learning from your experiences. I always thought that training a new missionary would be so hard and i never wanted to do it, but then now that I am doing it, its hard at times but its really not that hard you just have to make sure that you are the perfect example to him because he watches everything you do.  So there is a little bit of pressure but I just have to say to myself that I’m not perfect and it is okay to make mistakes as long as I’m learning from them and using them as teaching moments, as a trainer you are constantly teaching something weather you use words or just actions. So that’s that, we had the ( R) interview on Saturday and they are good to go they passed. Elder Rasmussen is our district leader now, so he interviewed them, our districts got changed up a little since they took elders out of the second ward that meets in our building (goose creek ward) and they put sisters in and Elder Rasmussen was the closest district leader to us, so I will probably get to finish my mission with him as my DL. So the( R’s) will be baptized this Saturday the 12th and I will be baptizing them and Elder Moore will be confirming them both, I’m so excited i get to be a part of them being baptized they have been investigating for over 2 years and (B) just quit smoking on the 1st and (T) quit coffee the same day and she said she has no desire for it anymore. We also met a guy this week named( M) he is agnostic and as we were walking to our car in a apartment complex he said are you Jehovah Witnesses we said no, Mormons and he said come in I’m interested in your religion and he talked to us for about 30 minutes, he is cool. He wants to read the Book of Mormon and believe in God. Oh, elder Lee went to downtown Columbia with elder Tonga who is from Tonga

 The only other new missionary in our apartment is Elder Brown he is Elder Hanson’s companion as a zone leader he’s from Utah.

 Yes, i got the new years package alright but it was after transfers, haha I have so much candy to eat

Way cool, to hear that grant is a licensed driver now, so he will be driving my explorer until I get back right?

 Oh and reminder for my birthday, don’t send anything like ties or clothes just keep that stuff, if you want to send junk food that’s fine but I’m trying to get rid of all the stuff I don’t need and will be sending a box home probably towards the middle or end of February.
 Grant, how’s the Book of Mormon reading going, remember i challenged you to read it all before I got home? I’m going to finish D&C before I come home.
What is madison’s mission address?
Did ASU go to a bowl game?.

Well, that’s all I have for this week, love you guys, talk to you soon.
Love Elder Harper

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